Momversation: What Bugs You About Your Spouse?

I was just reading Modern Love in the NY Times Style section, a major favorite read of mine. In it, the woman recounts how she yells at her husband in public over some minor infraction, something that had built up over 20 years of marriage. As she collected herself, she realized what it must be like to be him. I think that is a great way to live, to see the world from their eyes. Unfortunately, in this vid, the moms and I once again go after the hubbies anyway. Hey, I can’t take the high road all the time… or maybe any of it.

6 thoughts on “Momversation: What Bugs You About Your Spouse?

  1. Well don’t worry about the high road, it’s your blog you can say what you want. I’d have posted these thoughts over at the Cool Mom run Momversation but well, you know.

    My husband and I do our best to speak well of each other. Even though we don’t always succeed, most of our marriage is dedicated to this form of respect. Luckily, I’m not one who leaves my hair all over the bathroom, or my house a slobby mess, and so he has less to complain about than most men.

    Oh look, I’m rambling, as if I have opinions that are worth a grain of salt. Or a seed of mustard. Or whatever civilized society asks of me.

    Take care, and baklavah,

  2. I’m surprised at how restrained and civilized this mommyconversation was… I was all like “that’s it!!??” Really??

    I expected real dish here, and got just a few soap bubbles. Where was Heather Armstrong in this one, by the way? I would expect her to have plenty to say about Jon… but maybe part of preserving the marriage (and maybe why this one was so restrained) is not to tell tales outside the schoolyard, and especially not on the INTERNET. :-)

    Anyway, complaining about each other is actually part of the loving lexicon of my marriage. . .one of my favorite thing about my marriage is that we get it all out there…and nothing simmers. There are definitely things I’ve just “given up on” — as one of you all said — because you definitely have to pick your battles. And we’ve been pretty good at working on the big hotspots…the things we care enough about to say to the other, in a calm moment, “when you do X it really really bothers me… can you pls try not to do that?”

    All the rest is just grist for the comedy mill of our life. :-)

  3. Hey Stavi – weird weird post dude. Good that you bothered to comment on something you don’t like — why don’t you let your feet do the talking and just walk yourself on over to a different website instead of bothering to make a negative, vague (and therefore totally meaningless) comment?

  4. that plus 8 show is kind of snooze I think.
    I digress…. well, you can’t really rag in public, but I know gals who never complain a wit about their guys, which seems so unnatural.

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