Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Argh, I know! It’s only been 7 weeks, but I’m feeling impatient to not have what looks like a small butt on my lower belly. I know it took 6 months to lose weight with Viv, but I’m worried. And it doesn’t help that I have recently done a red-carpet event staring up close at Anne Hathaway, Nicky Hilton, and the like, and that I just did a shoot with Kim Kardashian (she is selling shoes now at I feel big and old.

[Sidebar: you can be thin, pretty, and rich, but the humor and charisma meter pin won’t budge. The worst offender recently was Nicky Hilton. Honey, don’t act all shy and meek; you are at a public event for Pete’s sake.]

But I digress. I started trying to do a decent walk everyday. And some mornings I say I will go to an exercise class, but by the time I feed Viv and nurse Rex, class has begun, and I stay seated in my milk-soaked gown. Maybe I’ll just play a lot of hide and seek with Viv.

7 thoughts on “Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

  1. Sucks to be in LA- seriously, give yourself a break. 9 months on, 9 months off. Plus you had a c-section, which tears your abdominal muscles in half. Enough. Enjoy your life, enjoy your family and do what you can to remain healthy! That is what matters.

  2. It’s kinda weird that this post is sandwiched between two where you’re worried about your newborn’s health. Very random

  3. Andrea, totally agree… I wrote it before the hospital visit and I meant to hold it, but was a bit distracted so it went up. I thought it was random too!

  4. This weight will come off before you know it, it takes about 3 months for all the extra water/hormone stuff to come off. You’ll look great…keep on nursing, that is the best. Wait and see, you will be workin’ that minivan in no time, hot mama!!!

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