Visiting with Cheryl Tiegs

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Cheryl Tiegs was our guest on The Fashion Team. In addition to be being a modeling legend and judge on the reality show, “True Beauty” (guilty pleasure), she also has her own skin care line.

In the above picture, you will see how good she looks. She is still a beauty and I think she is almost 20 years older than me, and look at her. She looks younger than I do. She gave Lawrence (co-host) and me some of her wrinkle cream saying, “It really works,” and we have been slavishly slathering it on since.

Now, I don’t expect to be a Sports Illustrated model like her, but I asked her about how it was for her post-pregnancy in regards to her body (she has a son in high school). ¬†She said it took her 6 months to lose the weight. That made me feel better. Because I would half-expect someone like her to do it in 6 days. I’m at two months now, so I will try not to totally freak out till I’m past the Tiegs threshhold.

4 thoughts on “Visiting with Cheryl Tiegs

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  2. Honestly, Daphne (don’t I sound like an old biddy) you don’t know how beautiful and young you look. That baby weight will be gone by 7 mos., you’ll see. You have youth and it shows, you look like a Barbie doll. Now, strut around like that hot smokey babe you are….

  3. The “Tiegs threshhold”- I love it.
    I am also relatively horrified that after 5 weeks, I still have 20 pounds (I’ll settle for 15) to go, and only maternity pants fit me. I think I still look great though, and so do you.

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