Earth Day Diapers

Since it is Earth Day, I have to be honest. I do turn off lights or try not to turn them on. I unplug things that aren’t in use (except for big guzzlers like the computer and TV ’cause I think it will all explode if I try to undo it and have to hire someone to restart it all). I buy locally, unless I’m really craving some fruit in the winter that they grow in Chile and jet up here). I have an electric car (but it’s not that safe, so we rarely drive it), and we have dialed down the sprinklers. I take reusable bags to the grocery store (when I remember). Hmm, guess I could do better. And this vid is about another green flaw of mine. What are you doing that’s green?  Or not?

7 thoughts on “Earth Day Diapers

  1. I turn off the shower while I shave my legs, and loofah up. When I’m ready to rinse, then I turn it back on.If you do this every day, it saves TONS of water….BTW, Rex looks sooooooo good…

  2. you are SO funny! I am totally with you on the diaper thing-it’s just too much, I live in a really “granola” kind of city so i always feel pressure to cave to the cloth! Thanks for your HILARIOUS blog/ vlog, you make me laugh!

  3. I’ve babysat kids on cloth diapers and it’s a HUGE PAIN, I watched the process of de-pooing and cleaning the diapers that the Mom went through and it was ridiculous.
    I’ve taken care of another kid who had those 7th generation diapers and they seemed to work fine, I don’t know about the price, but they will help reduce your diaper footprint if they work for you.

  4. Wow, is this what your life has become………….. really bad ……….. Let yourself have a life. Get your husband to watch the kids every now and then and get out. These videos are really a wast of your. I just happen to be looking for some good information for my wonderful wife and found these videos on itunes. I took a look and felt really sorry for what I can see has not been a very good life for you the last several years. Hope you get your life together and find a good use for it.

  5. We do a ton of “Green” stuff – you can see at Diapers is a tough one though. We use the GDiapers, but this week Henry had MAJOR diarrhea so we used our 365 diapers from Whole Foods. No chlorine and extra chemicals to make them, but they will still sit in a landfill. Sadly, this had been a source of guilt for me. Being a mommy is such a guilty ride!

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