On Momversation: What Won’t You Give Up in a Recession?

A friend of mine told me about an article in the LA Times that asked who has given up their gardeners now that we’re in a recession.  I decided to discuss this with the Momversation panelists and ask them what they’ve given up in a recession… and what they won’t give up.

12 thoughts on “On Momversation: What Won’t You Give Up in a Recession?

  1. Daphne, you’re hilarious. I love reading this blog, and I must say that I didn’t know how much my husband and I had until we were both out of work and caring for a newborn. The amount of changes we’ve had to make are staggering. We’re now living off the back of his parents’ home. All our things that I thought were so essential are now in a storage unit. TEMPORARILY. I finally was offered a job yesterday, and we’ll be back on our feet soon. But this vlog just reminded me of how much we’ve had to give up. Hopefully this will all be over soon.

  2. This is touchy. My husband and I have been looking for work since getting laid off Nov 15. Now that the severance package ends May 15, there is serious discussion of putting things in storage and living at his parents. Downers, I know, we’re downers. No one wants to be around us…like we’re contagious. BUT, the key attitude is that it is TEMPORARY. Thanks for reminding me of that, Erika, and congrats on the job offer. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We probably have to leave this cute little tourist town and move with the in laws.

  3. Oh Alexandra, I totally know how you feel. I can say that as seriously terrible as it sounds, living with the in-laws isn’t so bad. I moved in just weeks before having the baby, and they have been incredibly helpful. It doesn’t hurt that they have a vacation home that they go to every weekend. But I guess I meant for my point to be that you don’t realize how little you need until that’s all you have. Cheesy? Yes. But so true.

  4. Oh, Excuse me, Daphne: may I talk to Erica please? (hahaha) Don’t mean to budge you out of this conversation, Daphne. But I will ! Erika, I’d love to talk to you. My email is aschultze@wi.rr.com. Just found out Friday we have to sell our house and move to our in laws. At our age, with 3 kids. I can’t believe this is the USA. Oh, well., Worse things, I know, and there are people who’d love to have my problems. I can replace a house, and furniture, and friends….it’ll be tough, but we have not choice. Bleeding money over here….

  5. I don’t really understand how having hired help is bad. If I had the money I would hire someone too. You are creating jobs for people if these tough economic times. Now if you were spending that money on a $300 Chanel scarf, then that is totally different. I mean I understand we are entitled to do what ever we want with our money, but I would rather hire people to come help me in my home and with my kids than to go spend it on something I really don’t need. It’s better to be sane and have help and give someone a job than to be insane and have every awesome expensive thing out there.

  6. I think having hired help is fine too, helps the economy and the parents. However there are many people out there who are being hit hard in todays economic times. If I were losing my house or experiencing hard times I doubt I would want to see a video blog of someone wondering if the gardener was being let go.

  7. Frivolous is a matter of perspective. I may think pedicures and hair coloring are frivolous, while others consider my housecleaners and lawnmower man to be out of the realm of reason.

    I will confess, I would have to be in pretty dire straights to give up my twice a month housecleaners. And the money I pay them helps put food on their table, kids through college, etc. My grandparents came to this country working as domestics in the 1920s. their pay kept my Mom fed and clothed, and helped her get into and pay for college. A generation later, my Mom’s five children all have college degrees, and all are employed. So supporting my cleaners is supporting my view of what makes America work. Plus, I don’t like scrubbing toilets. Win Win.

  8. the dishwasher!

    I started hanging up my clothes outside and I am saving over $100 a month and being green. I tried to use the dishwasher less…but hey I just can’t do it – really not fun to hand wash the dishes!

  9. Know that you are not the only ones moving in with in laws. And if one does it’s also a matter of luck or not. You know? I have more to share at a later date on this matter, but I am glad some of you can connect on this issue. It’s like my co host Lawrence says to me often, “we are all in this together.” and it is all relative about what is needed. And while you can know you aren’t in the slums of India, any come down for people can be hard to deal with.

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