Momversation: How Has Divorce Affected You?

I’m curious to watch this one myself. It’s a meaty subject, and I didn’t see most of the raw footage, so I’m interested to see how it was distilled. Just heard an author on the radio talking about how in the U.S. we are more into marriage than the Europeans are. The issue of gay marriage is more of a U.S. phenom. But ironically, we get married more, which means more than once, which often means divorce. Hey, what’s an institution if you can’t trash it?
The best laid plans don’t always pan out.

8 thoughts on “Momversation: How Has Divorce Affected You?

  1. As a child of divorce, my parents used my brother and I as ponds in the sick evil games they played with each other. I NEVER wanted to have children because of that.
    Then When my husband (at the time we weren’t married) found out we were pregnant, I was terrified. I sat him down, told him that if things didn’t workout between us that we would be friendly and play fair.
    Our children emotions come first. Weather we are together or not…

  2. I am a daughter of divorced parents. It makes me sad to think my parents were unhappy together so I have to say I am glad they divorced. It was not the best divorce so I think if parents are going to divorce they really need to show their kids they can co-parent amicably.

    Kids just want their parents to be truly happy. Really, that is what we really need to teach our kids…to find happiness and to be happy.

  3. It wasn’t my parents divorce that afftected my view of divorce; it was their marriage that affected my view of marriage.

  4. I am a new mother and also a family law attorney. I see children used as pawns often and I have also seen parents that become better parents as a result of divorce. I always encourage my clients to work in the best interests of their kids no matter how nasty the divorce is.

  5. Haha!! Daphne states my #1 reason to stay married: The dad may date a stripper. After that comes Fear #2: letting the kids watch Hellboy till midnight on a schoolnight. Add on Fear #3: letting ANYONE babysit, even the New guy who moves in across the street, who lives alone in a residential neighborhood. Fear #4 rounds things out: he wouldn’t make them brush their teeth, so they’d be smiling silver in all class pictures. Of course, the kids wouldn’t even recognize a carrot or an apple after a few weekends with dad. And, he’d let them eat sugar all day and join a gang, too. Oh, yeah, I remind myself of these reasons on a daily basis…

  6. Loved this one too — very heartfelt and moving closing. Daphne, on a side note, FAB filming location. Delicious light, and I wanted to come sit next to you, and ponder where that gate led…

  7. Hello, well I’m not a child of divorce, but I’m a pastors kid and I have seen many children of divorce, I was once a youth pastor before I got married and had kids and I dealt w/ a lot of young people who’s parents were divorced. All my life I had been against divorce and thought, it is better for the children if they stay together…my thoughts have changed. It really depends on the situation. I have fights with my husband and we disagree a whole lot. We are completely opposite and have a lot of problems, but I can’t picture myself divorcing him, he loves our two little boys and he loves me, I love him as well… my cousin on the other hand, married a jerk. The kind of jerk who would cheat on her, turn his family against her, allow his 5 year old daughter to “taste” his beer, and when they split he kept everything! He has 3 daughters and they are living in an apartment and my poor cousin is sleeping on the floor because he wouldn’t even let her take any furniture. She just wanted it over and done with so she let it all be, she didn’t want the hassle of fighting in court over every little stupid detail, she didn’t want her kids to go throught that. Now, I was happy when he was out of the picture b/c it was better for all of them. I agree with you so much when you say that there is a reason for everything.

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