AV Guy: Watch Out!

So, we are in the midst of preparing for our big move. Now, the reasons behind the move and the details of the actual move itself are many and mundane enough for a few blogs of their own. But presently, my world is rocked because my husband just told my daughter and I that “There won’t be any TV for several days.” EXCUSE me?

I’m not ashamed  to say how much I need TV. First night in the new place is Thursday, and Mark says “Probably no TV till Tuesday.”  And he will be out of town ALL weekend. So just me and the kids for 3 days with boxes and NO TV? What kind of fresh hell is this? I tried to remain calm and think; OK, we will watch lots of DVDs ’cause I need to park that kid in front of the boob tube now and then for a little mental R&R. No, that might not work either. And that is when I got a little irate. “What kind of cockamamy AV guys have you hired?”

Mark went into a whole thing about complicated it is; yeah, for me, but isn’t that why we hired a pro?  ‘Cause we don’t know what we are doing?  I said, “Tell him it HAS to be  working by the weekend.” Blank face. “Do I have to call him?”

He gave me his number.  Okay, you don’t want to do it? Well, I will. I need my cartoons.

3 thoughts on “AV Guy: Watch Out!

  1. Oh, please let us know whether Mark gets the jumbas to call or not b/c I want to know the secret of making it a weekend without the boob tube. That is something I myself have never done, nor attempted, nor been forced into. You are quite creative….I’d love to hear how you ride it out…I say by about the 5th tea party you’ll be running out of the house screaming and jumping naked in front of the first cable truck you see..promising anything.xoxoxo

  2. You can download some shows from iTunes! If they have the shows you like, maybe you can convince Viv she’s watching tv on the mac. Worth a try!

  3. Not to be a one-upper, but we were without TV for 2 months. It makes you want to poke your eyes out. If somehow you can get your internet connection up, check out hulu.com. It saved us. You get watch all kinds of shows on there including 30 Rock and The Office. There must be kids stuff too. Good luck! Take a Zanex.

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