10 thoughts on “Transition Clothes

  1. OMG…I can’t believe you just don’t see how perfect and beautiful and luscious you are. You are in the season of young motherhood..like a luscious peach at peak season. Do not become a dried up, shriveled old, slackened piece of old fruit…b/c that’ll happen on it’s own. Enjoy all your round firmness of mothering..you are at peak season. Just ask Mark!!!!DO not become anything else!

  2. I bought some of those pieces called “before & after” from a store because I thought they’d be nice to wear after being pregnant. Either I stretched the daylights out of them, or they were really just every-day maternity clothes masquerading as this “before & after” nonsense. Doesn’t make you feel the best.

  3. That’s what sweet ass yoga pants were made for! God bless the fold over waistband! Heck, you can even but them at Target!
    Hmm… lots of exclamation points, sorry. Buy yoga pants!

  4. I agree with Missey. Yoga pants were the way to go for me, and lots of those cute empire-waist shirts (which, I gotta admit, I still wear every day). And you ARE gorgeous, baby weight or not.

  5. Thank you for loving pep talk !
    yoga pants are only okay if the tunic top covers your butt. Most of us have less than steller butts and it’s rough to see the lightweight pants show it’s flat, dimpled contours…I’m talking to you lady at Ralph’s.
    Empire waists and a knot between the breasts are figure flatters for jelly bellys like mine..I mean one in full flower.

  6. I so feel your pain. I would like to clean out my closet, but I keep hopeing that one day I will fit into everything again. my weight is back to normal, but things aren’t as tight as they once were. I am sure that in my case a few situps would help the situation too. Hang in there, and you will be feeling more like your self in no time.

  7. Sigh. Don’t complain! You don’t have the second chin I do and my last baby was delivered 11 years ago!

    Keep at it with the maternity pants while they work (but keep trying to get into pre pregnancy pants or you will get lazy!) Loose tops but not SO loose that they overwhelm.

    You are looking very awesome Daphne, do not sweat it!

    I clung to my first pregnancy weight gain, lost it and then was pregnant again 4 years later. Happily lost all the twin baby weight within a month. How could I not!? I was running like a headless chicken! But with the years the weight has rejoined.

    Just keep being active, eating sensibly and you will be your old/new self in no time 🙂

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