6 thoughts on “Things My Kids Will Never Know

  1. They may not know newspapers, if the decline continues which is REALLy sad, I think. The internet has plenty of commentators, but not many journalists.

  2. Oh, my kids LOVE hearing about how my life was. Really. They can’t believe only 3 channels and the TV would go to a test pattern about 11:30, preceeded by the National Anthem with the USA flag in the background. Or,how educational TV was NO cartoons, only educational TV. And you dressed up to go on a plane, not like today’s sweat pants and Packer T shirts travelers. Good stuff they wish for: every neighborhood had a little ma and pa grocery store on the corner, and you could run down to the end of the block with a nickel and 2 pennies and pick out any frozen popsicle confection from the big freezer in the front. Also, safely playing “ding dong ditchit” till dark with no worries or calls in to the police. There was an innocence and carefreeness to it. And porn used to just be “Playboy.”

  3. What about the way we used to run freely around the neighborhood with no parental supervision? We could go to the park, the pond or the corner store as long as we came home before it got dark.

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