10 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant’s No Nanny Lie

  1. Hey! I saw Mark in Hells Kitchen!! I was like: Is that Mark … Viv dad, Daphne Husband.. the one who have a end less honey to do list, the same one who said “no tv” ?

    He look great!

  2. yes, he was on Hell’s kitchen. He also consulted on it the firs season and consulted on the first season of Kitchen Nightmares. he visited the restaurants before Ramsay did.
    Gordon doesn’t yell at Mark, he is nice to him.

    and yes, no way on the housewifey thing.

  3. I don’t know if Kobe has house help and truly don’t care. Some people enjoy taking care of their own houses and kids. Really.

    Take my friend Jess; she could totally afford any kind of help she needs but prefers to do it on her own. Because she enjoys it. Granted she does not work outside the home, yet she still WANTS to do it. And makes me rather sick with her ability to do everything so darn WELL!!

  4. Maybe there are endless aunts, playdates and nursery school/daycare.

    A nanny is nice, but I’d take a cleaning lady any day. Given the choice between diapers and toilet scrubbing, at least the diapers are relatively fresh. And a toilet doesn’t giggle at you if you make faces at it.

  5. I read somewhere that Vanessa’s mom lives close by and she’s the one that helps out. I thought I even heard or read that they bought her a house really close by for that exact reason.

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