10 thoughts on “Recession Liars

  1. Daphne, this is one of the (many) reasons why I love you. You’re so freakin’ right- I have a friend who SWEARS that her husband is perfect with their kids 100% of the time. Yeah right! It’s like she feels superior to us because her husband is so great. Well, I don’t buy it. Same friend insists that she insists she doesn’t need to use coupons for grocery shopping…that she can totally afford the prices of food in the midwest. Ok, whatever! I know what her husband does for a job- why does she not freak out at diaper and milk prices like the rest of us?!

  2. I don’t know…I think some people are super paranoid and anxiety ridden about gossip. Maybe someone in the past just took something they said and told everyone OR their husband totally bit their head off b/c they disclosed some “private” stuff. People are careful for their own reasons. I have learned that when people have an issue, it’s b/c they are lugging their own baggage around.

    I, too,love Daphne b/c she speaks the truth!! True Dat, sister!!

    • I didn’t, but I will have to get an El Paso map and see if I can figure out which ceertmey it is. I agree it is so strange that there is a walled in area with grass and trees and then the rest is just barren dirt. I am curious to know why also.

  3. Me too! Me too! Love that you tell it like it is!

    So I had this ‘friend’ … hey maybe ‘frenemy’, can I use that term … anyway, had this gal a few years ago that was toxic and this was one of the many reasons I ended the friendship … she was full of crap! Ok, that is blunt … but really, her life was perfect – her husband was perfect – she never got down – she was always positive – blah, blah, blah. Stuff it, lady … now I only ‘cultivate’ friendships with REAL people … as I’ve gotten older, no time for BS!


  4. Thank you! I think people just put on a show. Facebook makes this worse too, “oh I did this today” or “I am on a wonderful vacation” Mean while I am eating PB&J and not doing a damn thing on friday or saturday night. 🙂

  5. I’ve had to agree with Alexandra that some people may just be choosing not to participate in the one-upmanship (or downmanship, I guess) and gossip that always seems to accompany a group of women getting together. My family has fortunately been affected very minimally by the recession, so I’d feel pretty lousy responding to my friend’s relating that her husband got laid off with, “Yeah, we decided to go on vacation in October instead of December this year.” (I made that up, but it’s just an example.)

    And my husband isn’t perfect, but I’ve never badmouthed him to my girlfriends or anyone else. He does the best he can, just like I do, and I’d be annoyed and embarassed if he got together with them and laughed about how I get the drain clogged up with hair every month or something.

  6. I do think you have to put your best face forward to friends and stay positive!!!! Thank goodness we can tell it straight on our blogs though. And my DH actually is so perfect and loving it can be annoying. Sorry!

  7. there are friends who dish and those who don’t and at different times it’s nice to speak to both. And fret not, many aren’t doing anything on a Friday night either.
    Thanks for the props ladies!

  8. But what if you live in Canada, both of you work in the social services (firefighter and manager to program for disabled) and you really HAVEN’T been effected by the downturn? I just keep quiet.

    Leave for Europe tomorrow and guiltily so.. But hey, if you can have your home aides I can travel the world right? Not shoving it in anyone’s face and being discreet are my mottos.

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