Love My Kids, Hate Mother’s Day

I did a Mother’s Day vlog last year and not much has changed except I still don’t like it. Well, that’s not entirely true. Since the economy is worse, I like Mother’s Day because it’s a big day at my husband’s restaurant.

Yes, I’m a tad bitter because I’m not feted on Mother’s Day. But more importantly, I always feel a pang for the kids, and even us big kids, who no longer have their mothers, and this day is a knife in the heart. My mom’s father died when she was 12 and always made me sensitive to people like her. It feels cruddy if you think everyone else is running around with a corsaged mom eating Eggs Benedict, and you are left with some photographs. OMG, just thought how this day must be to a woman who has lost a child. Another hellish day in a long line of hellish days.

I know, I’m really cheery today. Happy Mother’s Day.

8 thoughts on “Love My Kids, Hate Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks for your views. I lost my mother almost seven years ago, but it’s hurt the most at times with my new daughter when I should be happy. I see my mother in my daughter, and it kills me that they’ll never meet. There’s only so much cheerfulness that I can muster up for my mother-in-law on Mother’s Day.

  2. I think of Heather Spohr, the blogger whose beautiful 17 month old daughter passed away unexpectedly one month ago. It’s been a month already, and this is her first mother’s day without her. It’s so sad, because she only got to have one mother’s day with her baby…she only got one mother’s day to celebrate being a mom, and now it’s gone. She’s on They only had one baby, and what a beautiful girl she was. So beautiful…I think this Sunday will be just horrific for her. How people manage to survive this, I don’t know…gee, I’m just as cheery as you.

    My father passed away when I was in first grade, and sitting through gradeshcol while every other kid was working on Father’s day cards was sheer hell for me. I remember.

  3. I have a blessed situation. My mother died of cancer when I was 19. It was a battle at the end and I was relieved when God finally took her. It happened to be on Mother’s Day.

    When I was in my late 30’s I had a hell of a time conceiving but finally, after a battle and modern medicine I have a beautiful baby girl. She was due in June, 2006 but I think my Mom had other plans. I went into labor a couple of weeks early and Julia arrived on Mother’s Day.
    Now, I’m a scientist myself, but no one can tell me any different. My mother is behind Julia all the way. From her birth, to her looks, even to the way she can lift her eyebrow just like my Mom. When she was a baby, she would stare off into space as if she were receiving instruction. From my Mom, I know. 🙂
    Julia is a blessing from my Mom but my Mom loved to laugh so I am 100 % sure that she will make sure that ” I hope you have a daughter that acts just like you’re acting right now” will come true. So, I’m pretty much doomed. Love your site Daphne.

  4. great heartfelt comments. Monique, so glad you get a little mom in your little one. I think it would be super hard to never share your kids with one of your parents. My folks are alive, but my dad is a bit diminished and is in assisted living and I wish my kids could have known him as a bit more of a live wire. But, that’s what I get for not having kids at 20…or 30.
    My teeth on edge just in prep for M day.
    Alexandra, see that’s, what my mom was talking about too. I’m with my mom, if you like your mom be nice to her all year, or her birthday, what have you, but not mother’s day.

  5. Sorry, you do not enjoy your life much.

    Find the good things in life and hold on because you are really going to need them.

  6. Happy Mother’s day, to the!! Enjoy Rex’a adorable giggles and coos, and big hugs to the lady Vivien!!

  7. Thanks for this. My Mom died less than 3 years ago and Mother’s Day still feels like HER day not mine. I’m finally getting used to getting the nice cards from the kids and but miss my Mom on this day A LOT.

    Also, Grandparents Day at the elementary school was Friday. That is a real kick in the gut too, for those kids short on living grandparents.

    I am sure you had a nice mother’s day. Enjoy your healthy happy kids.

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