Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Sometimes it hits you in the strangest moments. You are in mom mode, driving the kids around, putting them to bed after a eating mac and cheese out of box, and then it comes to you. A super vivid dream where you are with an old boyfriend. In my experience, they are usually very warm, the feelings that is, in the dreams. I think it’s natural to want to connect to that part of yourself that has been buried deeper than a parking space at Target.

16 thoughts on “Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

  1. With ya on that one! I totally hit the block button. They don’t need to see what I’ve been up to, and I really couldn’t care less what they’re doing… Well, unless they hit the jack pot and are wanting to share!

  2. Who’s holding the camera behind you, is it Mark? I wonder how much you’d say if he wasn’t there (haha). You’re funny, “cover your ears, Rex.”

    Anyway, NO to friends from boyfriends past. No way. Broke up with them for a reason…reason being I didn’t like them. So, why would I want them as a friend?

  3. I have to agree totally. My ex-boyfriend looked me up on facebook and all my interactions with him just reinforced the facts that I already knew….he is a complete jerk. It is better to let the past be where it belongs.

  4. Haha, yeah. There are not a lot of exes of mine for which things ended well. So, I do not and likely would not become friends with them. I have Facebook stalked some to see what they were up to, but really have just decided to leave all of that in the past.

  5. I am friends with an old boyfriend and the pathetic truth is that I hope he is silently crushing on me. My husband of 18 years couldn’t care less. And I have been known to tell the ex that it is a good thing we didn’t work out because he would have driven me crazy. I told him one day that I might have had to stab him if we had stayed together.

  6. right, there is a reason why you broke up. I just buried an ex boyfriend. I was facebook friends with him and that’s how I heard that he had died. ..which was weird Was a great guy, but struggled with alcohol for years. ..which is why I broke up with him.
    the camera holder is Dave, he shoots a lot of weddings, so this is a nice break for him. Sometimes I do a self run thing with a tripod, but if I get Dave over I shoot a few at a time cause I think they look better.

  7. How can I possibly focus on what you’re saying,Daphne, when you’ve got your darling little Rex in the frame !? I mean,really…

    He’s a keeper! 🙂

  8. Wow, is this what your life has become………….. really bad ……….. Let yourself have a life. Get your husband to watch the kids every now and then and get out. These videos are really a wast of your. I just happen to be looking for some good information for my wonderful wife and found these videos on itunes. I took a look and felt really sorry for what I can see has not been a very good life for you the last several years. Hope you get your life together and find a good use for it.

  9. I’m coming from the “never been married” camp, so my views might be a bit askew. I’m friends with all of my ex-boyfriends. Some of them are married now, and even though we didn’t work out and there was a reason we broke up, there was also a reason we dated. I’ve never dated a crummy “clean me up” job. None of these boys flirt with me — they are totally in love with their significant others. But we find a way to bless each other’s lives without crossing any creepy boundaries. I think it can be done… IF you’re on the same page about things. 🙂

    • My brother lost his girrilfend a few months ago and he thought life would be easy without her. But he found out that he really care for this girl more than he was willing to admit. He walked around all sad looking for weeks, and I told him to do search online for ways to win back my ex girrilfend. He found a good YouTube video that gave him some good advice. He got the ebook and it took him about two weeks, but he got his ex girrilfend back. I saw them a few days ago and they both are really happy now.

  10. Mr. T must be an old boyfriend! LOL!! I love how people check out blogs and then make the time to comment and tell you that you suck and your blog is a waste of time. Newsflash: DON’T READ IT! haha!!

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