A Stranger Kissed My Son

Everyone says that when you are pregnant, people will rub your belly and say disgusting things. Yes, during this last pregnancy, I did get tired of being asked by strange men at the grocery store if I was carrying 8 babies. You are so funny I forgot to laugh! But in general, the old Armenian lady telling me to cover my big belly, strangers guessing if I was carrying a boy or a girl, or friends kissing my tummy didn’t bother me that much. But a stranger kissing my infant? That’s another story….

12 thoughts on “A Stranger Kissed My Son

  1. I remember when that happened to me!!!!!!!!! OMG, I almost forgot about that. I was taking my long awaited, finally here at age 36, first born infant for a walk on a spring day. He was all of 4 wks old…and out of nowhere a sticky little 8 yr old girl pops out of some backyard and rushes the carriage and plops a wet one on his mouth. I almost tore her shoulder off pulling her face out of the carriage. Man, what a memory…thanks for bringing these long forgotten times back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I never got the kissing, but everyone would touch my son’s head and face because he has red hair- “Oh- I just love his red hair”. OK, cool, could we just leave it at that? Nooo! Ug- it drove me nuts! Hands are dirty!! Especially the hands of strangers; I don’t know if they washed after using the bathroom and then they’re touching all over my kid’s face. Ick.

    I had to start carrying Lysol and using it like mace.

  3. Blech!! When my daughter was 6 weeks old this strange older women came over and kissed her on the head!?! Seriously, I didn’t know her. Weirdo. She probably still has burn marks from the laser beams that shot out of my eyes. Ha!

  4. Ew, ew, ew. I’m still reeling from the woman in Costco reaching over and pulling the blanket off of my daughter’s car seat while she was sleeping… OH! And the woman in THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE who touched her face.

    Ugh. Shudder.

  5. Are you kidding?? My son is 3 months old and we were at a restaurant last weekend where a woman was holding his hand and cooing all over him. She then walked away COUGHING AND HACKING into the same hand she was holding his in.
    I IMMEDIATELY grabbed his hand and dragged my husband, me and the baby into the women’s bathroom and washed his hand, BOTH HANDS.
    Disgusting. I believe that some people just don’t think.

  6. Haha, I laughed out loud when you said it would bother you less if someone stuck her tongue down your husband’s throat.
    A woman once hugged me in the ladies locker room at the gym, when I had just out stepped out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. I was so horrified, it was like it was happening in slow motion. What’s with strangers and touching? Should not happen. Especially not when I’m naked.

  7. My son is 9 weeks old and last week as my husband and I were about to get into an elevator a mom with a little boy came running. I pushed the door open button to let them in and before I could pull my hand away the grubby little boy was reaching his (visibly) dirty little hands into the stroller as his mom said, “gentle, gentle”. Simultaneously, my husband and I started yelling “no, no, no!” and I grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back. The thing that amazed me? His mother didn’t seem to understand why we wouldn’t want her little germ factory touching our newborn!

  8. Maybe I am too relaxed, but I don’t ever remember feeling stressed about people touching my kids. As for other (dirty) kids, once you are on kid #2 they are getting licked and touched by their sibs so no bigee. Neither baby ever needed to go to emergency room, sure they had snotty noses, but heck they were in day care. Now, they have SUPER HARDY consitutions. First grader made it thru the year without any sick days.

  9. Stanz, I was like you till my kid did end up in the ER.
    and Lauren re: touching I did a vlog a while back called “don’t hug me”. kind of similar subject.

  10. WOW…2 kids and thats never happened to me..well one is actually only 2 years old and the other just turned a month old….so theres still time..maybe i should just shut my mouth before i jinx myself

  11. I had an awful experience today. So I took my 1 month old shopping and afterwards we stopped by an office to visit an acquaintence who just lossed her husband. She was dressed kinda scruffy but I understood .. then she immediately requests to hold the baby and I let her (IT HAPPENED SO FAST AND I WAS SO OUT OF IT FROM MY TIRING DAY) then before I know it she plants two big fat kisses on my baby’s forehead .. I was fuming but trying to hold back because this women lossed her husband.. WHY DONT PEOPLE THINK?!?!? .. I gave my babba a thorough bath when I came home but I am still pissed off .. New rule : Punch strangers in the mouth when they try to touch the baby and DO NOT DO GOOD DEEDS XD lol sigh..

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