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My mother-in-law has a ton of crap at her house. Now, there are some diamonds in the rough: old photos, an arts and crafts china hutch, a vibrating recliner, but there are also piles and piles of old magazines. And yes, she does still have her property tax bill from 1967, just in case anyone wants to see it. So one way she is thinning the herd is she gives us things from her house. And no matter what it is I have to accept it, right? ¬†Even though I’m throwing my own excess stuff out by the fistfuls. (Sidebar: when I say I no longer want presents, I really mean it, but that’s another blog post.)

So, the other day she gave me this visor… but I’m making this gift work.

11 thoughts on “New Mom Visor

  1. Puhlease! I have WAY more belly fat than you and my baby is 2 years old! You look great.
    I do like the visor as an excuse to do whatever you want- the possibilities are endless!
    But my question is: At what point do you do beyond a “new mom”? 6 months? A year? 18 years?

  2. OMG, you made me spit my coffee out while watching that. You crack me up. And seriously babe, you look amazing. My ‘baby’ is 16 1/2, can I still call it baby weight?

    oh, and nice hat ; )

  3. love the hat…and that you are open to sharing the effects of baby belly!

    but really, I MUST know where you got the necklace…love! it!

  4. Daphne, I love that necklace…can you tell me where you got it? Oh, and you don’t even know how cute and adorable you are. Maybe that’s what makes you so cute and adorable…

  5. You crack me up! I think you’re gorgeous. After my 2nd, my friend gave me a t-shirt to wear that said “Bite me, I just had a baby”

  6. you are all the best! okay, love “tummy bagel”, stealing that.
    Well, why not show it! My policy has long been I’ll make fun of myself quicker than anyone else can.
    the necklace is cheap! Got it about 2000 when I was working on a show for Tivo called “Tivo takes”. Often cheap costume jewelery looks the best on camera. My girlfriend was the wardrobe person, I’ll ask her if she can remember where…but it was a long time ago! how did that happen?

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