White Trash Couch

Well, we are wrapping up “Madoff Week” here on Cool Mom. Our money being stolen caused one behavioral change in me: how I reacted to Vivien getting furniture or rugs dirty. Before I would be like, “Oh, Vivien, you need to be more careful.” The first week after we found out the trajectory of our lives was up for grabs, I practically cried if she spilled on my couch, “Vivien, this cost mommy a lot of money” (when she had it).  “Please no more food near my couch.” (I started calling everything ‘mine,” taking it all personally).

Then I realized that having a 3 year old and wanting to preserve furniture that I could no longer afford to replace was setting us up for failure. So, this was my temporary solution. A little later, the couch you see was loaded up and sits in my mother in law’s spare room. I had two couches; now I only have room for one. And there is NO eating on it. The good thing about a small house is Vivien can see the TV from our dining room… and the computer… and the toaster… you get the picture.

13 thoughts on “White Trash Couch

  1. I’m in my mid thirties. Back in the day when I was a child my maternal grandmother had plastic covers on her sofas and chairs so we never had a chance to mess them up.

    My husband, ten year old son and I have lived in a condo for the past ten years. The first five years we went through two sofas. Then I wised up and we got a leather couch. One of our best purchases. Easy to clean, wipe up and pick crumbs off of. I will never go back to cloth sofas.

  2. white trash is talking about your stupid couch while you nurse your baby on the internets

    i think you’re losing everything to teach you a well needed lesson.

  3. Sounds pretty practical to me! It was sweet to see Viv joining in with the video.

    Oh, and ‘Ha’? You can just **** right back off to whatever hole you crawled out of. Seriously.

  4. Thanks Sadie. hate to break it to Ha, I didn’t lose EVERYthing sorry. And I if I had 10 million dollars I would still nurse in public or online so yes, f– off. So glad you monitor what lesson’s we should all learn. People who go through serious traumas, loss of a loved one, injury, etc, did they “learn their valuable lesson.” douche. Nice linking to a non-site.

  5. Gees, where are all the haters coming from? Ha must be Mr T’s brother, same “mad at the world” mindset.

    Why all the hate, guys? Isn’t the world ugly enough already?

  6. Daphne, love love love your site. I look forward to reading your entries and watching your videos. And as a mom to three kids, four and under, I can really appreciate your often light hearted, humorous view on things. I so need that in my day, so thanks!!

    And I hear you on the couch thing. My couch and carpet are a spit up and sippy cup no mans land. ugh.

  7. There are people in the world who have a hard time with the fact that others have more than they do…surprising, I know. [sarcasm]. By opening up about your loss and sharing with the INTERNET, you unwittingly admitted to having enough money to get caught in a high stakes scandal leading to the eventual loss of some of your funds. Obviously this caused “Ha” to question her own self worth. And I’m guessing her sense of self worth might be very low. I applaud you for sharing and being willing to discuss this difficult time in your life.

  8. Just wanted to send love & hugs to you. I couldn’t help but notice you playing with the baby’s feet when he nurses, I do the same thing and think it’s one of the things I miss most when they grow up. 🙂

  9. Got a new couch in March, it is already lookin shabby. Kids are just wrecking balls. After I forced sweaty 7 year old to wash his face tonight, I said, oh doesn’t that feel better? He looked me square in the eye and said “nothing feels better than being dirty.” So this is the force we deal with. Sheet up that couch — I may do the same!

  10. I was just looking at photos from when we brought home our third baby from the hospital. The three kids were sitting on the couch that was covered with white sheets. It did strike me as tacky now, but hey, at the time, I had stopped working and wanted to make what we had last longer; I didn’t feel like cleaning up the couch everytime someone got up off it, the spit up, the breast milk blaster diapers…just too much going on. A sheet worked fantastic and saved my sanity…

    By the way, seeing you nurse the baby, so makes me miss that season of life…Enjoy!!

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