Mother Inferiority Complex

Okay, now I don’t often feel in competition with moms. If I see a mom more patient than me, I give her credit for it. If I see a mom more crafty than me I say, “Gosh, I wish I did more art projects with my daughter.” But recently one mom really made me gulp. It’s my new friend Ellen who has FREAKISH AMOUNT OF MILK PRODUCTION.

This photo doesn’t do her milk supply justice. I was at her house, and she was about to move. She said, “I don’t know what we are going to do about my breast milk.” I was confused. She was moving very close by, and I thought, “Well, you throw it in a Coleman cooler with square of dry ice, and you are done.” Then she opened her freezer, and it was about 8 feet tall tower o’ milk. My eyes were saucers. Then she said:

“We have  a freezer in the garage that has the same amount.” What? She works all day 5 days a week and can pump at work. And boy does she pump. She has a lovely big and plump little 7 month old. His nanny says he takes in about 6 oz in a feeding. Woof. “I’m just finishing the December milk”

Now, I am no slacker in the breast feeding department. I nursed Viv for over two years. I have no problem getting milk for Rex, but I have maybe 4 to 12 bags of pumped in milk in the fridge AND the freezer at a given time. I suddenly felt about 2 inches tall in the mom department. I suddenly got how my friends who for one reason or another were not able to nurse their kids. Their milk didn’t come in; they had had breast reductions, whatever. I really think there is an innate confidence that comes with having milk for your baby. Like, yeah, I’m doing my job!

That night I dreamed of her milk. The next few days I practically was walking up to stranger, “You will not believe this woman’s milk supply.”  It’s a good thing she is a nice, modest person, or it could be annoying. You know, like your friend who always got A’s but didn’t brag about them?

Ellen said she was looking into donating the milk. Wonder if there is a tax deduction for that? ‘Cause for a mom who wants to get out of the house for a few hours, it’s as good as gold.

8 thoughts on “Mother Inferiority Complex

  1. glad she is donating, should scout for moms with premie.

    I am so jealous of her..I’m still breastfeeding my 13months lil girl with occasional “top-up” of formula milk..

  2. Man, I WISH I could have had that kind of supply–or even 1/12 of that! My son was a preemie, my milk didn’t come in for a week, and when it did I was able to pump, at the most, 2 oz. 2 oz.! That was on a GOOD pump! I finally just gave up after three weeks because no matter what I did I wasn’t getting any more milk. I’m hoping that with my next child I’ll do better, but wow. I’m in awe Ellen.

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  4. Well I feel inferior alright! My baby was a preemie too and all I get at each session is 1.5 – 2 oz of milk. That’s a combined amount. I feel like God gave me a precious gift and I’m not taking care of my baby because I can’t make enough milk. I hate using formula!!! I hate it with a passion. I feel like I have to give my child processed crappy food. I know organic food is expensive, so the least I could do is give my child breast milk, but no, I have to give 2 oz of breast milk and the rest formula everyday. It’s very hard to see family members with bags and bags of frozen breast milk and then me with my little 2 oz bottles. My husband tries to tell me that our little is happy and healthy with what I can make, but I don’t want to use formula at all. Maybe it’s because I’m a 34 A cup or the fact that I’ve been slender all my life. I only gained 12 pounds during the pregnancy. I had so much trouble gaining weight, as well as, had complications and contractions throughout the entire pregnancy (placenta and vasa previa). I’ve been drinking Ensure since my pregnancy, lots of water and daily meals, drinking Mother’s Milk tea, Brewer’s yeast, and Fenugreek. However, my milk looks the same it did the first week after I delivered and my baby is now 4 months old. I dont think anyone really knows what that’s like. :0(

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