On Momversation: Would You Leave a Cheating Spouse?

With Kate Gosselin and Elizabeth Edwards all over the news regarding their husbands’ affairs (or alleged affairs), I decided to bring up the topic of cheating spouses on Momversation. In this video, I ask the other panelists, “Would you leave a cheating spouse?”

10 thoughts on “On Momversation: Would You Leave a Cheating Spouse?

  1. Oh, Daphne, I love your comments the best. Of course, cuz I agree, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.. don’t wanna know. I’ll just stick my head in the sand.” Reality denial is my coping skill of choice. Well, if you can laugh about it, it’s cuz there;’s nothing to cry over. Thank God, I haven’t had to deal with THAT during this recession. My poor husband couldn’t afford to fool around right now….thanks for your faces, I love them..You are the Eddie Murphy of the suburban world.

  2. Alexandra… what a great blurb… you missed your calling.
    I hear you. Reminds me of my friend who had an unemployed husband and she was almost kind of wishing he would cheat so then he would be her problem anymore!

  3. asking people what they would do…..useless. It’s what you decide to do when it actually happens. Hypothetical and reality are so far apart on this issue they aren’t even in the same stratosphere.

  4. Oh, “ha” and “Mr T” why don’t you take your unhappy selves and leave us alone. We’re having some fun here, and not bothering anyone. Take your bad mood elsewhere…thanks…

  5. Daphne I think that comment prior to yours was robot talk..LOL

    I know I’m kinda late (well, I guess VERY late) in posting a comment but I still wanted to say something.

    I wouldn’t stay in a marriage in my spouse cheats on me. I’m with Dana (mamalogues.com) on this one.

    Right now, I have a friend who is going through a somewhat bitter divorce over this. Her husband pretty much cheated on her from the very beginning of their marriage. In the beginning she didn’t know, then when she found out she almost lost her now one year old baby boy. She did counseling, tried to stay together, and did the denial thing for a long time. She now admits to wishing she would’ve done something about it when she first found out (before she got preggo and all).
    Denial to me is just a poor defense mechanism; I mean you’ll HAVE to deal with the issue sooner or later right? Why wait when you can take action right there and then in whatever form, either leaving, kicking him/her out, going to marriage counseling, etc?

    The “don’t ask, don’t tell” gets us into a lot of trouble…now I’m not saying I’ve never being in denial about something; I have, many times. But, I’ve learned that at the end, whatever situation tried to swept under the rug was still there..if you sweep dust under your carpet it doesn’t mean is not there anymore..is just under the carpet.

    So, my 2 cents!

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