Let Sleeping Kids Lie

Hmm, this shows a tad more breast than I had realized, oh well!  I don’t have CGI to place a burning fuselage there instead. This vid underscores that constant yin yang you have as a parent.

You are adorable.

(Shut up.)

You are the best thing I’ve ever done.

But can you not whine?

Now I know there is a God.

Is that poo on my carpet?

13 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Kids Lie

  1. Oh, that is one of my favorite hobbies: just looking at my kids while they sleep, like some drunk groupie staring at Jon Bon Jovi. Honestly, it’s b/c they look soooo much like angels, like a window was left open in heaven and they snuck out. I always tell them that if they had wings, they could sneak back “home.” Adorable, by the way, Rex is just beautiful, gorgeous….

  2. I have to sit in the room to get my 2 year old Almost Twins to fall asleep for naps, otherwise there would be kid anarchy and they’d destroy the room. I sing them to sleep and then I find myself sitting in the room longer than necessary because I love staring at them as they sleep. Their 1.5 hour nap time is my only free time during the day and yet I can’t tear myself away from them. Oh hey, here they are! Right on cue. See, now I wish they would have slept a little longer so I could get more done. How come motherhood has to filled with such conflicting emotions??? They are both staring at me, so I need to go now. Bye!

  3. my lil tod is the “terrorist” in the house…..but when she’s asleep, she’s suddenly turned into this lil glowing creature from heaven. When i look at her, i suddenly have this guilt “why was i even upset at her just now…she’s practically an angel”..awwwwwwww…

    agree with mutha mae, motherhood filled with conflicting emotions..maybe from the hormones…kinda easier to blame the hormones than thinking that I might go crazy any second now..

  4. re: showing breast. my close friends have been getting an (sometimes unwanted) eyeful lately as i pull them out and marvel at the changes happening, but i figure that they’d best get used to it, because 2mos from now, they’re going to be out all the time!

  5. I think most things are adorable when they’re asleep, but particularly when the sleeping thing happens to be a baby or toddler who, if awake, would probably be screaming.

    My sister’s very cute when she’s asleep…she has these long eyelashes and pouty mouth. But then she wakes up and growls at you for daring to be present upon her awakening, and then the entire family suffers her wrath for the rest of the day. Did I mention that she’s now 18 YEARS old? I still think of her as my baby sis though.

    Don’t worry about flashing us Daphne, it’s a magnificent boob.

  6. Kathryn: CGI=Computer Generated Imagery. See wikipedia. Movies, music videos, even television are full of CGI – particularly action films. Think of “Indepence Day” or “Star Wars: Episode 1” or “Jurassic Park”. All of these had gobs of CGI.

  7. good explanation Jenn Bo. Saide, thanks for props on my breast!
    Muthamae was thinking I hadn’t “seen” you in a while, no wonder with 2 year old twins.
    yes, conflicted! every minute.. was I too stern? OH, is that icing on my bed? etc

  8. I understand the dynamic of you’re adorable one min then the “please stop crying” the next min. I go through that with my doggie :) Your baby is so adorable btw :)

    I remember when i used to babysit my little cousin, he would be soooo cute when he slept, and then when he was awake i would be annoyed lol.

  9. I totally agree. Connor is the same age as Rex, and I’m so happy to see him when I get home from work. But I will do anything to keep him from being fussy, and as much as they say not to, I let him fall asleep on me all the time. I guess that explains why naps usually only happen in the swing or on car rides. There’s nothing cuter than Connor all folded up into himself in the swing with his head cocked to the side. We HAVE to get better about that. How are you doing with the nap schedule?

  10. funny Erika, I was a nap schedule person with my daughter, but with Rex I’m just letting him sleep when he sleeps. aobut every 2 half hours he needs at least a cat nap. I wrap him up and he falls asleep for 10 min to an hour. I try to keep him alert early eve till about 730 or 830 so then he falls asleep till 230am. It would be too hard to follow a schedule with two kids, working part time, etc. And he is very easy.
    I don’t think you should worry about let Connor fall asleep on you. those are some PRECIOUS months you won’t get again. It’s sweet. As long as you too get some sleep.
    They get older — lot older– and don’t want to touch you. I say eat it up now.

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