10 thoughts on “Nursing Again

  1. Daphne, I love you for being so open about breastfeeding. THANK GOODNESS! You’re showing that it’s a normal, natural part of raising a child, nothing to be ashamed of! You’re the best!

  2. Oh, I love that last line. The quiet desperation with acceptance of it all, “I can’t get any time.” Love it.

  3. I tell all my new mommy friends that they should NEVER let their husbands know that they can do anything other than sit and read or watch TV while they are nursing. It is a great reason to relax and enjoy your baby. I also hear you on the TV selection with a 2nd child. I suffered from Dora overload!

  4. daphne
    I love your blog. I was actually nursing my 3 month old Gavin when i was watching your post for the day . I like playing on the internet and nursing while my 4 year old watches something like sid the science kid .

  5. I hear that. right now Viv likes Word girl.

    Yes great reason to chill, nature wants you take care of your baby and watch Law and Order. And you lose weight. when will that EVER happen again?

  6. Laughing that even Rex seemed like he was telling you, “Enough with those internet people, Mom, I’m eating here.”

    Sometimes it feels like us moms can never get a minute to ourselves, or even a second.

    You are awesome, Daphne!

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