Shout Out to My Blogger Pals

Most of my friends have a physical presence. Then there are those that are virtual friends, like many of you who come to Cool Mom or whom I follow on Twitter. Then there are a few who straddle this divide. Bloggers who are friends. Honestly, only one has been made physically manifest before me. Rebecca Woolf Girl’s Gone Child. She is a fellow Momversationer, and we found we lived VERY close to each other. She’s about a quarter of my age, but except for having tattoos where I am terrified of them, we are very sympatico as mothers and people.

I give her a lot of credit for coming to the party I had in January to celebrate the impending birth of my son. She didn’t know a soul.. .well, there was one other person she knew. But she showed up with a gift. Bless her heart. Sometimes I can’t handle going out by myself… so much energy. She didn’t know at the time I was partly throwing the party have a big party while I had a BIG house. Months later, we ran into each other with our babies, and I told her all. Crying (as I am prone to do when nursing) and talking about losing my retirement and home. She is so dear, warm, and positive. Can’t believe how young she is. Very grounded. At her age, I think I was having some kind of affair I would never want my children to know about.

It’s a funny club, mom blogging. It’s kind of like being on a low production scale reality show that you have more control over. We get to do the editing. No slow-motion burns to represent conflict. It’s sort of art. I think if moms who went berserk years ago could have had a safe place to talk about concerns and disappointments, they might not have gone mad.

Another mom blogger who lives too far to meet, but we have had a penpal friendship, is crabmommy. Sometimes I don’t know how these friendships start, but I really like her writing and she recently wrote me a very heartfelt email after I did my Madoff week. The last line of her email brought tears to my eyes. It had her sassy quality and full of heart.

“And luckily although a shitload was taken from you, there’s an awful lot they didn’t get!”

I really loved that. And of course, though I’ve seen the dark side of humanity with Madoff, et al., I have been on the end of the light side as well.  So many dear people.

11 thoughts on “Shout Out to My Blogger Pals

  1. Love both of y’all! The Momversation panels are my favorite. (I don’t know why, I don’t have kids – haha!) Daphne, I really admire your strength to get through situations and your sense of humor. Love your blog!

  2. I follow many of the momversation gals’ blogs and think you are all great! My happy time of the work day … taking a few minutes away to read yours and others work and watch your great videos! 🙂 Thanks everyone!

  3. Oh, I was so happy to see this picture today!!!! I love Girlsgonechild. I love Rebecca. I loved her book and I bought it for my niece. That girl can write. I loved Archer’s 4th birthday ode.

    She is so gifted and wise for her age. I’ve commented so many times on her blog on how talented she is, I hope she truly believes it. She writes like a dream.

    I keep waiting for her book on her marriage ups and downs. She writes with such relatability…I can really feel that she is in the moment when she writes. She’s awesome, you are both lucky to know each other….you’re both incredible women.

    You’re both so transparent and real and sincere, caring and kind. I love you both….tears in my eyes now b/c you’re so far away and I’m over here. But know I love you both from afar….

  4. it’s official it’s a LOVE fest!
    I think Rebecca and I could do a routine/book/IMAX film, I don’t know what and call it “old mom, young mom.”

  5. I’m so glad you guys made a connection. I love when internet friendship makes it to 3D interaction.

    Rebecca is such a breath of fresh air. She’s just what I need when i’m feeling down. When she wrote about the economy and kept saying “it’s all going to be okay” I TRULY BELIEVED HER and felt tons better. I’m teary now just thinking about it actually.

    Friendships are wonderful and I love the blogging community we all have to support each other.

    It really IS going to be okay. Because how can it not be?

  6. Can’t there be a reality show for mom bloggers? or a blog swap? We are such a rockin community and would put these housewives to shame.
    (and listen, I can flip a table (or a computer) for ratings!)

    Love both of your blogs and it’s cool to see virtual blog moms come together 🙂

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