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  1. Oh, I remember once I lost a nursing pad, and I couldn’t find it anywhere,and I thought, ” Oh, well, someone will see it…” Well, I get home, and there it is sitting up under my blouse on my shoulder, peeking out at everybody. I never felt it, no one told me. No wonder I’d burst into tears at anything back then: I was one psychotic looking mess. I felt like carrying around a picture of my former self, showing people, “see, I really used to be cute, really…I am a catch!!.”

    It’ll be done with before you know it, Daphne, and it is so awesome that you nurse. You are one hip mom. And, by the way, you could still pump out kids…if you wanted to.

  2. honestly, I think using nursing pads is about as effective as using toilet paper in lieu of a tampon!

    feel your pain — or i did, when my kids were still nursing!

  3. I have heard people rave about using pantyliners (cut in half) instead of the nursing pads, of course they told me after I suffered through the same thing as you. Hope that helps.

  4. I’ve never used them (my baby is 5), but I have friends who swear by Lilly Padz. I hated the giant, “oh so discreet” pads.

  5. I am still right there with ya- the nursing pads are such a pain. I work up the other night soaking wet and shivering in the a/c because I dared to try sleeping without a bra for the first time since my son’s birth. No bra to hold the nursing pads= cold, wet mommy.

  6. Luckily I was never leaky but I used them to prevent my nipples from poking people in the eye. I loved the Medela thin ones but really, they all kind of suck.

    Rex is so cute! Usually his face is buried in your boob and I can’t see him 🙂

  7. I eventually found silcon nursing pads – you use one pair that you wash with soap and dry every day. They really stick in place.

    they lost their stickiness after a while and I bought new ones, but I’m serious – they worked!

  8. Seven years ago when baby was three weeks old I was at the beach for a hot 4th of July, jumped in ocean with my older brother, a few minutes later he pointed to the sea-swollen nursing pads bobbing the ocean in front of me. Embarassing? Yes. Forgotten until now? Yes also.

    Cut up panty-liner do adhere better but don’t absorb much. Good luck!

  9. Look for the washable ones that are sort of shaped like a really flat cone. They don’t slide like the disposables, honest. They don’t pucker, either.

    But that pantiliner idea might do in a pinch….

  10. good stuff. I will look into the mini pads.
    I have used the silicon ones, problem is when I’m leaking big time then I have a ring of milk.
    I know poor Rex, keeps missing his close up.
    oh, get this…at kiddie party this sunday a dad came up and said “is this yours?” yep, a nursing pad on the lawn near where I had nursed. I covered my face for a second and then took it. Yes, thanks. And shoved it back in.
    I HAVE NO SHAME. and yes, I too like to look at pictures of me when I was a hot tamale.

  11. Used them rarely. Sadly got used to turning up with a milk line over each breast when without the kids too long.. Wishing I had had them in my arsenal~!

  12. Interesting comments and yes, snipping a thin maxi pad/liner just might do the trick in hindsight! All it has to do is absorb for a certain amount of time and STICK darn it!

  13. OMG .. first off… why are you holding your baby with no head support at all? I hate when people hold their little ones like a freakin sack of potatoes!… show it some love… THEN… you dump a huge basket of nursing pads.. that hits and wakes up your baby. Are you serious? Did no one else notice??

    I am shocked at what I just saw.
    ( note this is not my mom)

  14. Daphne ,
    Have you ever tried the cloth nursing pads ?They stay in place for me and are so comfortable and very easy to wash . You can get them at Babies R Us.

  15. I’m with Carly, the cloth ones rock, but try to find the flannel ones. The plain cotton with the crunchy backs show and they are not comfy at all. With my last baby, all I wore was the flannel.
    Also, there used to be at least one brand, I think Johnson’s that had a sticky deal on the back wh/ helped.
    For night time I leaked so much, I would just put a folded cloth diaper across the front of the inside of my bra. Not sexy, but it works.
    Once again, love your site…wish I could sniff Rex’s head, lol, nursing babies smell so good!

  16. I agree with the previous poster– Lillypadz are the way to go! They worked much better (didn’t leak, stayed in place, were actually somewhat discreet) than anything else I tried.

    A side note to “Your Mom”: How about saving a little of that judgement and outrage for a real issue. Stop it. Seriously. Do you have children? I’m guessing the answer is no. You called a child “it.” Ugh. I’m glad you are perfect but am sure it’s frustrating for you living in a world of such imperfection.

  17. You go Heather.

    Lily padz are nice when your nipples are cracked and sore.
    I am interested in the cloth ones some of you mentioned. Of course one has to REMEMBER to put them in. That’s the other problem.

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