8 thoughts on “Skinny TV Moms

  1. That’s why I didn’t care for the show. I don’t want to see a perfect mom I can’t relate to. There were a few minutes I watched, but then thought “It feels like I’m watching a TV show..” I would’ve watched more if they had the moms with the spit up stained t shirts and the rubberband from the morning paper wrapped up in their ponytail, and pants so baggy from being worn 4 days in a row they hang like adult diapers.

    See, now THAT would be funny stuff.

  2. My self-image has always been pretty good, and I watched the In the Motherhood webisodes all the time. But now that the kid is here and I have this…belly (which no one else seems to notice), I am pretty aware of how great and lithe all the TV moms seem to look, even the ones in the commercials. I don’t even need a Roseanne type, just a normal, average size 8 or 10 mom will do.

  3. Can’t say I have seen that show (we canceled cable for the summer cause we never watch it when it’s nice out) but, I have been wanting to say something about the momversation video clips… where’s the 275 lb mom (like me)? I don’t feel like I can truly relate to all those skinny ladies… Just sayin’.

  4. You go Daphne! I haven’t seen the show, but do believe it’s time for average size women to be depicted on TV, not always women who are naturally thin or who must work out a bizzillion hours a day to get in that shape. I love the Dove ads for representing “real” women.

  5. I REALLY wanted to realate to these women, but a working mom (skinny). A overly perfect stay at home mom ( skinny) and Megan Mullally (skinny), who after watching Will and Grace from day one I was really hoping the show was going to make me feel like I’m not alone. Well I was really hoping to relate to at least one of them. I really wanted to see the mom who runs around in her bathrobe downing protein shakes and then eating the donuts. The one who would leave the house with a curler stuck to the back of head and trying find time in the day to workout.
    Now that would have been real!

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