Mrs. Top Chef: Masters

Okay, so for you Top Chef fans, for which there seems to be a considerable amount, this Wednesday is the start of Top Chef: Masters where, instead of lowly rubes trying to win the prize, established chefs compete to be the Top, Top Chef. Well, my sweet husband Mark Peel is one of them. He taped it a couple of months ago. A long grueling production day from what he said.

Scary chef
Creative Commons License photo credit: kevingessner

“We had to sit around and wait forever; it was so boring.” That’s production work for you. He is used to the go-go of restaurant work. I think he enjoyed some of the game of the show. He couldn’t tell me much, or they come and find you!

I’m happy he is going to be on the show. Each week, it’s a different foursome. I don’t think he will be on this week; his is in a few weeks. These “master” chefs don’t compete for money; they compete for charity. Apparently no one told the producers that unless you are Wolfgang Puck, a chef doesn’t make that much money. Mark’s charity was Doctors Without Borders.

What I’m even happier about is that Bravo is having a premiere party at Campanile. There will be some press, lots of chefs, supposedly some celebs, which means I am getting my hair done! And it means I have to find something to wear. My one ace in the hole fab dress I can’t wear a bra with, and at this point in my son’s life, that is NOT an option.

If it’s a good party I’ll blog about it on Thursday. ┬áIf it’s not, I’ll just show you what dress I wore.

8 thoughts on “Mrs. Top Chef: Masters

  1. I saw a glimpse of the outside of Mark’s restaurant on a show, where the cameras scanned L.A., and the narrator said, “Los Angeles, home to some of America’s finest restaurants…” Scan…and there’s Campanile. Awesome….Can;t wait to see the dress and what you will do with your nursing breasts. When you’re nursing, almost anything looks obscene..of course, not to the men, to them, everything looks awesome.

  2. That is exciting. I love when different parts of my world collide. I’m a huge Top Chef fan and a huge Cool Mom fan. It will be fun to make my hubby watch and then keep saying, “See. See. That’s ‘Cool Mom’s’ hubby.” “Cool Mom.” “You know. The vlog I make you watch.” “Yes you do.” “She just had a baby?” “Yes. The nursing pads.” “She’s really so much more than that.”

    Thanks for providing even more intellectual interaction to our already highly educational marital conversations.

  3. Heather, love you! That is great. I will blog when his show is on. And in the Fall he has a new cookbook coming out so I will be yapping about that too.
    Thank your husband for watching!

  4. OMG! I’m a reality show junkie and love Top Chef. I’m so excited to be able to say to my husband, who loves to cook and loves Top Check….”I know him ..but not really…but I watch his wife blog about nursing and trying not to get killed on craigslist and stuff”

    He and I were just talking about Top Chef Masters coming on and he was shouting that they should make “the bald bullet do some cooking and have people judge his food !” (that would be Tom Coliccho and hubby is not a fan of his! lol)

    Thanks Daphne, exciting news!
    Stay cool :)

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