Michael Jackson’s Kids

In an attempt to parody the coverings of MJ’s kids, I ended up looking like Twitter avatar sticking up for Iranians.

I have to weigh in on some of the Michael Jackson stuff. I loved his old music, thought he was kind of sad, and probably after about “Smooth Criminal” didn’t pay a lot attention because he started to have the cooties.

It’s prurient sure, but it’s also because of being a mom I am curious about what happens to the kids. Or what has already happened to them. Raised with no mother, they have strange identical names, a ferris wheel in the back yard and every summer their father has a different face.  Someone will be penning a great tell all on their up bringing one day.

I was thrown by the Diana Ross as back up for guardian ship after his mother.  Miss Ross might need to step in at some point.  Less so because his mother is 80 and more so because her estranged husband Joe is a gross child abuser.  He is open about having beat his kids and their are rumors that he did even worse. Of course now there is speculation that they are not his biological kids as if that matters.  It does annoy me that people act like then they are not his kids.  I know many adopted children and their parents who would beg to differ. The dermatologist in question, Arnie Klein, my husband is acquainted with from the restaurant.  He talked about treating Michael, but over short ribs never offered up, “oh, and btw I fathered his kids.”  Mark said Klein was in a very bad car accident that has impaired his walking.

But, did Michael talk to Diana Ross about this?  Is she in Europe ( where I think she lives) saying, “oh, god, Can’t Liza do it? ” Michael was her best man. Liz Taylor can’t pull it together to be Auntie Mame?

I hope someone teaches them to manage money well.  Maybe Michael’s former mother in law Priscilla Presley could step in.  She save Elvis’s estate when it was in shambles.

Telling that he didn’t ask any of his siblings to step in.  Might be best if the children go to a less carnival like home where creepy grandpa can’t stop by.  But, what will it be like for them?  Where is the consistency?  Well, that’s where the nanny comes in.  They have had the same one their whole lives, their only “mother”.  But do they in a sense hire her till they are legal? ( Wait a minute, sound s like a good premise for a movie.  Kind of like “Parent Trap.”) Or the courts could give her custody and shove a few Beatles songs in her back pocket to support them?

Just thinking…

3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Kids

  1. My thoughts exactly on most of what you said!

    IMO, Joe Jackson is a monster … keep him away from those kids, please. Don’t quite understand Debbie Rowe in all of this. Why isn’t anyone talking about one of the brothers in regards to the children? Can’t Jermaine assume guardianship? Almost all youngish parents I know have a sibling as gaurdians in their wills … we do. An 80 year old grandmother? Diana or Liza … aren’t they a little old for such a role? Sorry, JMHO.

    Side note … I really wonder what stories will surface in the next few years (especially once Joe and Katherine are gone) … will Lisa Marie speak out about their marraige? Will Debbie Rowe? Will one of the brothers or sisters? Although maybe Latoya (sp) already has? It is interesting …

  2. I was thinking the same thing: how in the heck can the courts award custody to Crazy JOe? Crazy ol’ one-eyed Joe????

    WIth all the documented and confessed child abuse???

    Can’t Oprah do something?????????

  3. Right, maybe Oprah should take care of this.
    Lisa Marie did write one thing on her my space page where she said she wanted to help Michael, but had to tend to her kids and he knew he would die like Elvis ( except for the fat part).

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