I Never Developed My Wedding Pictures

We just passed my wedding anniversary so this is a timely video.

I’ve been married twice, but to the same man.

First we had a “shot gun” wedding as I was 6 months pregnant.  A really lovely ceremony in our living room. We threw it together in 5 days.  Mark’s friend who is a judge married us and we had about 10 people there. Family and two friends.  His restaurant catered a brunch.  In the afternoon we drove down to Palm Springs for our honeymoon. It was Perfect.  My mom said it was one of the best weddings she had ever been to.  I think the only one she liked more was my brother’s which had a total of 5 people attending. We had lovely photos and I put them in a book as I waited for my daughter to be born.

But, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  When Vivien was a year we had a big, blow out 3 day long wedding redux in Palm Springs.  There was the “Daphne Open” golf tourney.  The “Mark croquet” morning.  You know the kind of thing one can do BEFORE a certain notable Ponzi scheme was found out.

I won’t kid you too, I looked good at the 2nd wedding.  I had lost my baby weight and then some.  The desert color made every one look like a movie star.  So, Why don’t I have ONE photo framed or in a book?


10 thoughts on “I Never Developed My Wedding Pictures

  1. Daphne, NO WAY!!! You MUST develop a gorgeous BIG wedding picture, and put it in your bedroom. Right where you and Mark can see it at night…Vivien will LOVE seeing how beautiful mom is, and how handsome daddy is.

    You will love seeing that at night, especially if you’re trying to go to bed after a fight, and your husband needs to see that at night, when he comes home tired from work, to see why he does work so hard.

    If you need more convincing to get this beautiful photo done TODAY, please read this week’s TIME (July 13, 2009) on the importance of marriage as an institution.

    JUST GO AND DO IT. Buy a pretty frame, and put it on top of your dresser, it is a beautiful thing..and you only need one. You can do it, come on, make it your “to do” for today….

  2. I’ll be the lone dissenter here and say that if it was that important, you would have done it already.

    Pehaps the memory of the day is all you need. We paid $600 as a downpayment on our wedding video, and then when the time came to pick it up, my DH refused to pay an additional $600; despite the fact that we would then essentialy “lose” the other $600 down.

    Oh, did I mention we are NO LONGER married? 🙂 So on second thought – GO GET THOSE PICTURES!

  3. I agree with Alexandra- just get one (that’s all I have framed) and put it on your dresser or in your new living room- it will make you feel better just looking at how beautiful you were on that day, and it will be nice to remember all those great memories!
    DO IT! 🙂

  4. yes, maybe if I just think of getting a couple pictures made. think the thought of all them are overwhelming.And I was a bit dissapointed in the pictures. The photographer I wanted cost the earth. Had I known so much of our money was to be stolen I would have gone for it. ( lesson, spend while you have it!)

  5. I have a HUGE album (obnoxious, really…it weighs as much as my 5 year old). It sits on the top shelf of our bedroom closet.

    I think the kid gear all over the house and tired circles under the eyes (vs. that well-rested, youthful look I had in my wedding pictures) are as much a reminder of our marriage and commitment to each other as a pretty picture hanging on the wall. Although the pictures do look better.

  6. I guess the question you wanna ask, is what would u do if you LOST all those photos, Upload ’em girl! Get them all on shutterfly or somethinglike that….that way at least u won’t have to worry about them getting ruined….and when u wanna order it U can do it later w/ the click of a button. =) It’s so much easier that way. Plus, you can do one at a time, when u DO have the money for it.

  7. As a wedding photographer I say get those pictures! Daphne you are what we call an “Orphan Bride” When a photographer gives you a disk and no album or images and leaves you to fend for yourself. It happens a lot people don’t get around to printing them. Do it sooner rather than later as quite a lot could happen to those disks.

    I had a BIG engagement picture up on our wall until one of my “friends” said to me…”Is that really you? You used to be so good looking!” Now that picture is hiding in our bedroom.

    Good Luck.

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