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So I listened to you all, and for our 4th wedding anniversary Mark and I decided to go away for a night.  We were all set when Vivien threw up.  We didn’t panic, these things come and go with kids, so we waited. But as the day wore on, she refused my offer of “watching any cartoons she wanted” and went to bed.  She had a fever.  Our nanny/sitter Dolly showed up.  She was going to stay overnight with the kids.  She told us to go, that Vivien would be fine. I called the doctor twice who was pretty sick of hearing from me I think.

She got sick again.  Then we were both like NO WAY.  We are not going.  I called the hotel expecting to lose our money, but they said for only $30 more I could move to two days later.

We did decide to take a walk to a nearby restaurant to mark the occasion with something other than children’s Tylenol splattered towels.  When we got home Vivien was running around, happy, dinging “I feel better.”  She had eaten some dinner and kept it down.  Dolly said, “I told you she would be okay.”

Oh, well.  we couldn’t have enjoyed the time away with our little bunny sick in bed. Even if we were only going to be 10 miles away.

So, we did go …. get the key to the room and then a Ramos Gin Gizz.   A little pool time.  (sidebar, you can see the recession has hit the hotel industry, we were by the beach in July and the only ones poolside).  By the time our desert rolled around at a very good dinner we were both missing our kids.

I said, maybe I should start a Parent Hotel.  You can check in for 5 hours.  Like a clean version of a love hotel.  You can make love, watch something other than cartoons, have an uninterrupted conversation, eat a meal in peace and then have  good night sleep.  Hmmm, that is more than 5 hours, isn’t it?  Okay, 18 hours would be fine for me. I do not want to leave my kids for more than one night.  Not right now at least.

It was nice to put on a decent outfit and a real bra, I will say.

6 thoughts on “Getting Away

  1. Parent Hotel — love it! I keenly remember the ‘real bra’ re-acquaintance – makes you feel human to have a good foundation!

    Glad you two were able to enjoy some adult time on your anniversary! Congrats!

  2. You’re so right, Daphne. It is VERY important to get away as a couple, otherwise you just end up as roomates sharing child care..not a pretty sight.

    It’s necessary to get away and remember why you got together in the first place.

    Good decision, though not always easy to carry through.

  3. Good for you! At least you got away for a little bit, were able to reconnect and be without kids for a few hours! I’m glad you went!

  4. thanks all. it was so funny when I was packing up and Viv was hanging on my leg asking me NOT to go. I said, “mommy and daddy need to spend time together so mommy and daddy will stay together.”
    maybe a bit heavy for her, but it went over her head.

  5. Hi Daphne,

    Your arms have red bumps too! I don’t mean to sound excited by that, but I have had the same thing since childbirth. It’s no biggie (my doctor shrugged) but wtf are they from?

  6. I had a terrible rash with my daughter, a smaller one with Rex. Caused by hormones. Major drag. want to figure out a way to get rid of the scares. about 10 percent of pregnant women get this rash. more common on tummy and butt. lucky us

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