Kate Gosselin’s Cookbook?

She has a cookbook. Hey, here is a whole other reason to be beat up on Kate Gosselin.  Actually, that is NOT my intention but merely to poke holes in celebs turned chefs. Now, chefs turned celebrities? Well, that’s for another blog.

13 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Cookbook?

  1. Daphne, thanks for the first laugh of the day.

    I know that you KNOW you are funny.

    Love that coughing “bullshit” into your hand.

    OH, you’re funny. I will get Mark’s cookbook because he’s a CHEF!!!!!!

    Puh-leez, who , going through a divorce and 8 kids under 10, and doing a reality show has time to test recipes???

    I remember a woman who worked on a food allergy cookbook, and it took about 11 years. No lie.

  2. SO TRUE! My book took 2 years and I turn around and “Class with the Countess” comes out in 2 minutes or Kate and this cookbook thing…ghost writers are really busy these days with all the reality stars and their “book deals” !

    Congrats to Mark on his OWN cookbook, and tonight’s episode of Top Chef…wait, does this make him fall into the reality star category now?? oh no… lol

  3. Thanks all. so sweet.
    Tara, I swear if I wait long enough everyone I ever went out with will have been on a reality show. I have two exes that have been on them… maybe more if I think about it.

    as a host who gets aced out of gigs to “reality star” I’ve finally thrown up my hands. I say, can’t beat em, join em.
    The bachelor gal getting a gig on GMA… ugh, don’t get me started.

  4. Love the vlog. You have such a great presence on camera. and having two children who are now out of high school, you throw away the crappy toys as soon as the kid forgets about them. When they ask, “Oh, where it the shaky clown or the American Girl doll bow?” You can answer, “Oh, honey, they went to toyland where all toys go.”


  5. Chef turned celebrity:
    When my 3 year old sees Alton Brown she lets out a big squeal and says, “Uncle Alton!”
    His fan club spans the generations!
    Love your site.

  6. You could also say the same thing about Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman. She’s putting out a cookbook too soon, took her about all of five months to put it together. But 90% of her recipes are from food sites–gah PULEASE.

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