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Okay, tonight is the night! My husband Mark Peel will be on Bravo’s Top Chef: Masters. I’m a bit of a stage mom so I have to chat him up. He is a very unassuming guy who never blows his own horn. And I want him to have some recognition.

Last year when we got the bad Madoff news I said, “2009 is going to be a good year for you.” His restaurant celebrated it’s 20th year; his cook book comes out in the fall; and his new cocktail bar will open in the fall. I said one of of my goals this year is for you to get on Top Chef. I asked a casting friend I know to submit him and also my agents did so, but it’s so Mark that I think they just found him by his own reputation. In the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, he is the Tortoise.

The Bravo site has different behind-the-scenes stuff with the chefs. They asked Mark to send in some video and pictures. The request sat there for weeks before I took up the task.  I said:

“You know, I know something about doing videos for the web”. I hope they use what I sent in!

Of course, he is also a great dad, and he sweetly carried Rex around Campanile the other night so I could eat with my friend and Vivien and her friend.  No wonder I love him… whether he wins or not tonight.

13 thoughts on “My Top Chef

  1. Oh, I am good to go, I’ve got my spot on the sofa all ready. Cannot wait!

    That picture is adorable, it puts Mark in a whole new light..he looks wonderful holding your little baby.

    I feel luck tonight, too, Mark is my husband’s name,also.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! Wait till the world sees how beautiful Campanile is!

  2. Bless your heart. Mark is everyone’s husband’s name I think, if not that then Dave.

    we will see how they edit it. come back to this page tomorrow and give me your take on it y’all.

  3. DVR officially set! Thanks for the head’s up – can’t wait to watch! Best of luck to Mark – and to you! I’m sure it’ll be a heart stopper!

    My hubby isn’t much of a horn tooter either, so it’s a fab thing that these boys have type A, fireball wives to cheer them on! 🙂

  4. Just finished watching Top Chef. I have never been so nervous watching the show! Mark was really fun to watch and seems like an amazing chef and (more importantly) a great person. I am thinking that a dinner party at your house must be about the best invite in town… great company and great food.

    I am so sad that I live in the midwest and can’t easily visit Campanile for dinner. But, I’m excited to buy the cookbook and will suggest all my friends do the same. You’ll let us know when we can pre-order through Amazon, right?

    BTW: With his one-handed cooking skills, I say he’s ready for the Mommy gauntlet of doing daily tasks while holding a baby. 🙂

    Congrats! It was such fun to watch!

  5. Loved watching your husband on Top Chef! He did a great job and came off very well. So sorry that he didn’t win, but I was delighted that he went right to the finish!

    He seems like a great, level headed guy with a lot of talent and creativity. Hope the two of you are pleased with the version that aired.

    Best wishes to both of you and your family!!

  6. he is good at holding a baby and getting stuff done. Thank you guys for watching.
    I wish we had more dinner parties, he works so much. But, when we do we enjoy it. Especially when we had a big dining room ( don’t look back).

  7. Daphne,

    Just watched the show on and Mark did so great. I was so nervous for him the whole time! He seems very sweet and I do hope that 2009 is his year for him as well as your family.

    Best wishes,

  8. I loved the show with your husband–what a great guy! Over-salting Anita’s food…hilarious. But what I liked the best was when he found out he didn’t win and was told a donation would also be made to his charity…he was sincere, appreciative, and gracious. I hope to visit Campanile if I’m ever in LA again. Congratulations to your husband (he’s really good on tv, will he do a television spots when his cookbook comes out?).

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