Top Chef Masters: My Own Watching Party

Okay, I couldn’t watch it live. Even though I knew the outcome, it made me more nervous than I realized. We went over to Mark’s restaurant and ate, and I had a big glass of white wine (I like them dry and minerally). After the bunnies were in bed, and Mark came home from work, I watched it.

It’s funny since I have hosted reality shows, and I know how much of it is set up and made in the editing room, yet I was still drawn in to see my husband compete.

For those that didn’t see it, I think Mark did very well. He looked handsome, and he was genial and articulate. Which is why I think they used a lot of his sound bites. I also thought the New Orleans chef Jeff Besh came off as a very likable guy. I found the other two chefs were mumblers and a tad harder to understand, but nice enough.

Mark had been saying for months (It was shot a while ago) “I could have done better in the Quick Fire.”  Ironic that his flaw was forgetting the olive oil when I have learned so much about cooking with olive oil.

Stefano stava cucinando
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In the challenge, he had to tie one hand behind his back (they all did). I loved that they had him talking about his dad who was born with only one hand. And that they showed the sweet photo of he and his dad when Mark was little. His dad was pretty solid. He was a teacher. Taught special ed and drivers ed and painted houses in the summer to support his family… with one arm!

The shows goes a fast clip, but Mark was AWOL from home for two and half days. He said there was a lot of sitting around. And the judges’ deliberation that takes about 2 minute in the show? That took 3 hours. He and the other chefs did sit around and drink and wait… and wait.

While we watched, I would pause and ask him things like, “Was your fish overcooked?”  He said probably: “They say you are going to go, and then you have to wait.”  Ah the magic of “reality” television.

When it came down to just he and one other after the other two chefs were ordered to get their knifes and get lost, I said, “Do you feel bad when people are eliminated?”

He said with a smile, “No.”

8 thoughts on “Top Chef Masters: My Own Watching Party

  1. Oh, all I can say is that your husband is a CLASS ACT.

    Wow. Absolutely wow, he is just charm, and class, and learnedness.

    Seriously, he has really got it going on.

    I can see why you fell hook, line and sinker, Daphne. He’s got it all: you never stood a chance.

    Don’t understand why he didn’t win, though. I can’t see where he wouldn’t have, but who knows why they pick who they do. Did he know why he didn’t win? Was it just the olive oil….I guess they could consider that a biggie.

    Mark is somethin’ somethin’….He came off so competent, and skillful. Stuff of my dreams…a suave man who can cook, and loves his family. You waited for the best, alright,Daphne…

    It was FUN to watch someone I was rooting for…

  2. My husband just say, “awww” I read it out loud to him. Thanks so much. Well, Anita Lo did have John Besh crack that egg for her in the one handed challenge.. just saying. He thought his problems, were her flavors were more pulled together int eh quick fire because he forgot his olive oil and in the final his fish was ready to go, but it wasnt’ served right away so it cooked a bit more. Gael Green likes her fish underdone.

  3. Daphne, I just caught up on my DVR shows…watched Mark and all I can say is- woo-hoo! What a hottie handsome husband you have! You are right, he is very well spoken (better then any of them) and I thought he was so great on TV! Too bad he didn’t win. If I’m ever in LA, I’ll sooo be at Campanile!

  4. I just watched the show and I loved the line “I breifly thought about over salting everything Anita makes but dismissed it quickly”

    What a wonderful man and appears to be a GREAT CHEF!

  5. Hi Daphne,
    I was just able to watch Mark on Top Chef and wanted to comment. He came across as a total class act…. funny, charming, and smart. Loved it!

  6. I’m a huge fan of Top Chef. It’s probably my favorite show. I have a great passion for cooking and have been enjoying the “Masters” series. I had absolutely no idea your husband was THAT good. I’m so proud. I know I don’t know you, but kind of feel like I do via your blog. I was rooting for him to win. Thought it was great he got so many sound bites (more than any of the other contestants for this episode) as he’s quite articulate. It was great to watch how passionate other contestants are about food and how respectful they were of one another, while being competitive. Congrats to your man, he almost got it.

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