Holly Robinson Peete: A Cool Mom Visit

Well, here is my new favorite. Holly was recently a guest on my TV Guide Network show, “The Fashion Team”. She, of course, used to be on “21 Jump street” and “Hanging with Mr. Cooper.” She and her husband created a charity to help people pay for therapy and such for people with Parkinson’s. She lost her father to the disease. He was the original Gordon on Sesame Street. She also has a son with autism. She speaks openly about this to help kids get diagnosed early and get the proper help. She said her son has benefited from from the therapy and care that they were able to provide, but many families can not afford it. So, even though she has 4 kids, she works on that as well. She was also candid about how families with autistic children have an 80% rate of divorce  (fortunately hers is going fine) and that awareness is especially important in the black community where it’s more taboo to talk about kids with LDs (learning disabilities).

In between dishing on the red carpet for the show, we had some good mommy chats. She is such a nice person. We talked everything from how to walk a red carpet (she says, she yells at her husband, “Don’t talk!  They will get your mouth in a weird position, and if we ever break up ,they will use it as picture to make it look like we were arguing.” So true.) to Madoff. Since she runs a charity she was so upset by the foundations that have been vanquished by the dirtbags.

So, I had my video camera on me… but it wasn’t working well. I managed to get part of a quick chat with her about finding some “me” time before they puled the lights and broke down the set.

5 thoughts on “Holly Robinson Peete: A Cool Mom Visit

  1. With vlogs like these, I can see you really love your job, Daphne.

    It comes across to the person you’re interviewing, and they love your enthusiasm right back.

    Good work, I loved it!! Your hair looks great, by the way.

  2. My daughter did the same when her sister was born. She was about 2.5 years old, but it drove me crazy too because she had an outstanding vocabulary. So I would just tell her nicely that I couldn’t understand her when she talked like a baby. Then she would repeat herself like a normal child and I would say “oooh! you want …” and we’d continue on. Thankfully, this phase did not last that long!

  3. okay, think the last comment was meant for “baby talk”.

    Jasmine and Alexandra, thank you so much I do love to interview. Every one has something interesting about them. Just wish my camera hadn’t crapped out!

    She invited me to her benefit and I ‘m already stressing thinking about what to wear. I’m too big for most of my old clothes. It said, “californina chic” does that mean nice jeans?

  4. What about leggings over those cute “stacked” mini dresses, you know the ones with the psychedelic swirly patterns and the cut out shoulders and the high necks? (how’s that for specific?) And then some great gold sandals.

    I think you’d be a knock out…

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