Sante Fe: What We Think They Will Like

Well, here is what I thought I would be posting last week.  But I came home to find out some people were mad at me that I had the temerity to be upset about being robbed.

Moving on… We really wanted a family vacation. Couldn’t do the 2 weeks Europe I had envisioned when we had money, you know, 8 months ago, so what to do? Fortunately, I have a friend who has a home in Sante Fe, New Mexico. She said if it wasn’t rented out, we could stay there as long as we paid for the cleaning service at the end of our stay. Terrific. I love the southwest, and I really want my kids to see some nature. Yes, La Brea and Wilshire is lovely, but perhaps a tree would be a welcome change for the young ones.

One of our days we took a hike out of town. As Vivien kept saying “I don’t like this; this is boring.” I grinded my teeth and thought, “But I loved going into the woods when I was a kid. ”

As parents, we plan for the perfect vacation, and then your kids find something else they like a lot better. Like when we took this shuttle to the rental car, Vivien was joyous.

Of course, she rarely has ever been in a motorized vehicle where she didn’t have to be strapped to a seat so I get it, but to me it was a period to get through. Throw our crap on, then throw it off. For her, it’s an E ticket (except she wouldn’t know what that means.)

Perhaps it’s because kids don’t have the context we have. See her excitement as we show her the oldest house in the US.

We didn’t always drag her to the history and art museums.  We did take her to the kids’ museum, which she loved.

And I would have too if they had sold espresso. Why, why not?

And then there was the most magic moment of the whole trip. Where Vivien herself found the joy, found the out of the ordinary, the thing we don’t do in LA. As we left dinner one night, she heard music playing and asked us if we could go find it. We walked to the plaza, and there were couples on the bandstand all dancing the tango. It was recorded music, but it filled the warm night.

I said, “Do you want me to dance with you?”  She said, “Ah, ah, what about daddy?”

Mark was thrilled, since he is use to her going to me more than to him. She charged up to the stage without any hesitation, and they danced to song after song. She tried to follow the dancers’ footsteps.

Why do I plan? I should just follow.

9 thoughts on “Sante Fe: What We Think They Will Like

  1. Isn’t that what children teach us, to live in the moment, to get lost in the moment of it all.

    They teach us so many lovely things.

    It may be a family vacation to you and Mark, but it’ll be a strong memory to Viv. Just think how strong your visuals are from your childhood. They’re BIG.

    You done good, Daphne, and your legs look great. Not a vein in sight, unlike my legs that look like a road map. How do you do it?

    So many blessings that are coming out of your life from all this, like the friends you have. How fortunate to have a place in Santa Fe to go to, and you probably wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for not being able to go to Europe.

    Yes, it’s so sad what happened, but you are making the lemonade, honey. Great job teaching resiliency to your kids. Really great.

  2. First of all, your legs look great.

    Second of all, as a mom to 2 girls I got all weepy when I read about Viv asking to dance with her dad. There is something so special about those moments, and when I see my girls spontaneously grant their papa with a smooch or a smile (or in Mark’s case, a tango), I just about burst with happiness.

  3. Yes, loved your hometown. given the chance, whey wouldn’t someone live there?

    Thanks Alexandra. My legs do look good except for two gashes I have on the front of the right leg from falling down when I was carrying Rex.
    my cross to bear is my “arm acne” scars from pregnancy. might need to get it lasered. 🙁

    Wendy, I know, dads and daughters get to me too!

  4. Truly, why don’t kids’ museums have better coffee? I just don’t understand this. Charge me whatever, I JUST WANT GOOD COFFEE. I will stay here longer, come more frequently, spend more money, buy more of your gift store items – if you just have good coffee.

  5. Oh, I love this story. I can so relate to most every detail. Sounds like you guys ended up having a really special time away as a family. Good for you. You deserve it.

  6. Yes, just following is such good advice! I did that at the zoo yesterday. For 2 hours I followed my toddler and let him dictate his interests, whether a colored brick on the fountain, the fencing of the petting zoo, the speakers out of which cricket sounds were coming, or not the gorilla right there behind the glass, but the cold cement framing the glass……..much, much nicer to follow.

  7. very true PB. sometimes I wonder why we are saying “over here, look at this.” hard to stay that “zen”
    and yes, one of the things I like about legoland is they sell espresso!!

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