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So, today marks the 100th episode of Momversation. (We did a little special thing over on The Momversation I’m in today concerns that old saw “How do you find time for yourself?” Heather Armstrong of dooce is back after a hiatus to have her daughter Marlo (love that name) and two producers on the “Today” show are guesting.

When Vivien was a baby, I loved nursing here. Felt like that was me time. It gave me permission to not work, clean up, whatever. I had to sit. And then I just thought, or watched TV, or read. I’m missing that with Rex since he doesn’t nurse as long as she did and is more easily distracted. If I’m not nursing, I don’t really find time or give myself permission to watch a show I like or read more than the headlines.

What do you do to carve out sometime for yourself?

Or is that idea a joke?

4 thoughts on “Finding Time for… Momversation

  1. Oh, I love that mask, Daphne!!

    How can Mark leave you alone when that mask says something else to a guy???

    Love it…hysterical.

  2. Me time these days comes in the form of, a) nursing, as you said. My almost 6 month old lovvvvvvvvves her breast! b) I hop in the shower! Sometimes I bring the babe in the bouncy chair in the bathroom if we’re alone, but if my partner is home, he hangs out with her and I shower and shower and enjoy the hot water!
    My mother also likes to take her every now and again – she knows the stresses of having little ones, and loves to show her off.

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