The Best Eggs

Wifeager. That’s a wife+ manager. I think that’s what I’ve become for Mark. In LA, there are a lot of Momagers, you know, for the child stars and the parents who can’t let go.  So, since I told you all about his stint on Top Chef: Masters I can’t stop there! Here is a link to another show my husband recently did. Not really a show, but  a web trailer for the new Julia Child movie. They approached him since he did know Julia Child. They asked him what he could make that would be simple and would fit with Julia Child. It’s a plug for Campanile and as we say in the biz, he can “put it on his reel”. ( sounds of me going through piles as I realize I need to make him one.)

So, he came up with Eggs for Daphne (ahhhh). He does make the best eggs in the world. He makes olive oil eggs, eggs in a whole, this eggs tortilla thing. But he named this one for me. Since Mark works at night, breakfast is our “date” time. Well, with two kids, it may not be a date anymore, but it is the one meal we can usually spend together and the one he makes the most at our home.

So, enjoy the short film (4 min I think), and tell me if you are able to make them and love them like I do.

(In the background is his Chef de Cusine Erica. A very important job. If he didn’t have someone good like Erica working with him he’d really be AWOL from home.)

17 thoughts on “The Best Eggs

  1. Daphne and Mark – awesome job. he’s as natural on film as you are! will definitely give the eggs a try…after i pick up some butter and half/half!

  2. Oh, dear God, it’s not the baguettes that are hot, it’s Mark.

    Please, more porn for moms: A man who uses pinch bowls and can crack eggs with one hand.Oh,those deft hands.

    Daphne, you just won the lottery….

  3. He’s so great on camera! And the eggs look delicious…I’ll definitely try to make them myself. I see now why my scrambled eggs are so boring – not nearly enough cheese and half and half!
    ( From Daphne, right? and undercooking is key, most restaurants cook the hell out of eggs)

  4. I was going to ask if it was wrong that I’m crushing on your husband, but I see that I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing — at least virtually — your charming husband.

    And I’m making those eggs this weekend!

  5. You all are so sweet to Mark. I told him, “go on line, you have fans, you should comment.” maybe later. His reaction was “really?”
    I can no longer tolerate bad eggs. I remember years ago my brother and I loved W. Somsert Maughm’s “Razor’s edge.” in the novel a couple of characters would meet up in Paris and about midnight go have eggs and toast. They made it sound divine. I think most of the time it is not. I think these are the kind of eggs they were eating.
    Also, when I am running on no sleep ( every day) protein helps the pistons fire.

  6. Love the vid, and your husband’s a doll. I’m going to give that recipe a whirl this weekend for my sweetheart. We’re BIG egg people, too.
    BTW: It’s fun to see your other half 🙂
    Hope all is well with you today!
    xoxo, Eileen.

  7. Thanks Eileen,
    I am fine but just soo tired. I barely twitter because I feel like all my twitters are some variation on “I don’t get enough sleep” or “this baby is kicking my ass” stuff like that.
    best to you

  8. Saw your husband on Top Chef- he seemed so sweet. Lucky you! 🙂 So glad you posted about it so I knew who he was when I was flipping through channels and happened to see him!

  9. Yum, after watching this video, I went to the kitchen and followed that recipe. My 2 little boys ate them up as quick as they could. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. That settles it. Well, it settles 2 things.

    1) Eggs for dinner tonight. YUM.

    2) Mark needs his own show on the Food Network (or PBS– like Julia?). More videos of Mark teaching us to cook, please. Maybe when the cookbook comes out, he could do a weekly “how to” for the loyal fans of CoolMom?

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m headed to the grocery to buy baguettes and 1/2 and 1/2 right now!

  11. i tried to make it this morning .. i over cooked the eggs! I do want to make a couple vids with him to help promote the book.. for amazon, but I can post them here too.
    hmm, maybe I should have him do some cool mom stuff. good idea…with me looking dazed in the background.

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