Tori Spelling Makes Her Own Baby Food

I watch this video with my third eye. I think, “Poor Daphne, she is really tired.” Which I am. Good thing I just went to Fantastic Sams for my blow out. Good hair helps mask the canyons on my face.

By the way, I have worked with Tori Spelling, and I liked her very much. So, this is not a dig at her per se. But more at the media’s “fab celeb mom!” type stories that have the rest of us wondering if we are doing it right.

14 thoughts on “Tori Spelling Makes Her Own Baby Food

  1. Daphne,you don’t look tired at all. And I think your hair looks great…I know women are their own worst critics, but you look adorable.

    As for me and the babyfood, our 3 boys have severe, numerous food allergies and asthma and eczema: so I pretty much have always had to make most of what they eat. Which makes me think: why would someone do it IF THEY DIDN”T HAVE TO??? The amount of time and work involved is just astounding…if I didn’t have to do it, you bet I wouldn’t go looking for extra work.

    Tori and Dean are home together during the day, so that’s like live-in help, you can get a lot done that way..

  2. I totally wasn’t a puree mom, thought about it for a half second then slapped myself to my senses. *lol* Thinking about it now I find it funny that I would never serve prepared/prepackaged/canned food for dinner but I had no problem feeding the girls a jar of Gerber. I was such a β€œbad” mom that I also, dare I say it, used *looks both ways then whispers* disposable diapers. Just the idea of messy poop cloth diaper was enough to sway me away from them. Lucky for me my kiddos survived. :o)

  3. I did it but had the opposite reaction, “Why don’t other Moms do this, all things being equal?” By that I mean, stay-at-home Mom with one kid. Piece of cake. I knew what was going in there, I “cooked” all her meals on one day and froze them so it was just as convenient, and it was SO much cheaper. It also helped me get over the guilt of not being able to breastfeed, that broke my heart. I got a kick out of her eating Thanksgiving dinner with us at 6 months. She ate turkey, stuffing, corn, gravy, pumkin pie and yes, even a little wine! Happy baby, happy Mama.

  4. glad to crack you up!
    now that Rex has started on rice cereal I’m thinking I might be up for mashing some stuff up. we will see how that goes.

  5. In my next life… I may puree, but with Moanna… No. I didn’t even buy her organic baby food… Someone gave me a food mill once… it’s still in the box… maybe if the finances allow me to stay home with the next kid… MAYBE I’ll think about it… probably not… I’d rather nap… or SHOWER!!

  6. So we were poor and really honestly I know baby food is cheap but pureeing (that is so not the right spelling or is it??) was way cheaper. I do like to cook too…ha! but mainly seriously we were broke back then!! πŸ™‚ You know though the baby food….seriously so easy….or maybe I just have too much free time? ah who knows

  7. But is mashing what you eat that hard, really? Yeah, yeah, breakfast and lunch do some rice cereal stuff and fruit or whatever from a jar, I did! But dinner time seemed easier, mash it with a fork and serve πŸ™‚ And a great way to get kidlet used to REAL food.

  8. well, you have to mash things for the little ones..but the difference is the moms who puree, plan ahead, boil and puree just for the baby food, not a little mash up of the family meal. Great if you can.. I think I was just a lazy ass.. we will see how I do this time.

  9. *raises her hand while jumping up and down*

    Crunchie California hippie mom here! Crunchie California hippie mom here!

    So yeah, I’ll totally cop to the over-the-counter organic multigrain cereal, and to Earth’s Best’s Green Beans with Rice in a Vodka-Teriyaki veloute, but other than that, I’m the kind of person who goes to Trader Joe’s or Fresh&Easy or even Safeway, finds a good deal in the organic fruits/ veggies section, and then runs with it.

    Running meaning: A pot, a thimble full of water as required, and a cheapo blender stick that I use for other things, too (like making hummus). The party in the pot is stored and frozen in those little lidded plastic food cubes that I got for half off via Craigslist. Takes me 10 minutes max and yeah, it’s a lot cheaper than buying Gerber’s or Earth’s Best in the jar (not to speak of the jars you’re not putting in the landfill). California crunchy … I’ll own that.

    Go ahead, make fun of me.

  10. Charlotte, love the way you wrote that. Funny. Hey, I was raised in hippie schools and one of our two cars is electric. I can’t make fun of you, I admire your energy.

  11. Hi Daphne Ive been viewing your blog for some time now. Anyway I never made my own babyfood or cloth diapered my 1st son who is 4. But now that the 2nd one is here I cloth diaper and make my own baby food. So I created my own blog to share with curious people how to cloth diaper. I would be honored if you would stop and look at my blog and tell me what you think.
    Thank you, Carly

  12. I’m a lazy ass too! LOL When I was pregnant I thought I was going to make my own baby food b/c I was going to be a stay-at-home mom and I’d had time for it, right? LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Ignorance is bliss! hahaha I did the next best thing to organic produce: Earth’s Best baby food! And Gerber, Beech-Nut, etc. Even now, my kinda toothless (only 2 top and 2 bottom teeth, that’s it) 15-month old I buy for her the Graduates food…i sometimes puree that but not always. I’m too busy on Facebook, Twitter and cleaning my house to have a whole day in front of a stove or food processor!

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