I Want a Flunky!

It can’t all be recession talk right? We need to look forward! Visualize our coming prosperity. Money is great to have for so many reasons; well, here I discuss one of the less talked about reasons why it would be great to have money. Or “f- you” as I like to think of it… so much money you can have whatever you want.

Other than the greatest hits, (roof over head, good schools, chocolate) what are some off-beat things you would like with your future lottery winnings?

16 thoughts on “I Want a Flunky!

  1. If I had a flunky I would have them … go through my kids clothes and get rid of what they’ve outgrown. I use to be so on top of keeping their drawers and closets cleaned and organized. Right now my size 10 child still has a lot of size 8 clothes cluttering her closet. I would also want them to schedule an reschedule appointments. Today I have to call to schedule a service appointment for the car then I have to call and reschedule, for the third time, my husband’s dentist appointment. Now that I think about I think I might be our household’s flunky. *crap!*

    ( from Daphne : service appointments, perfect job for the flunky!)

    You may be inspiring apathetic, listless moochers everywhere. “Look! I can flunk out and still be Daphne’s ‘go-to-guy’.”
    Someone, somewhere is getting little stars in their eyes…”I can do that! Where’s the fritos?”
    (from Daphne : great will they do it for free?)

  3. I am available for anything you need done at all right now.. as we speak..all done with a joyful heart.

    Just say the word…little mundane tasks my specialty.

    (from Daphne: some people have a better attitude or are more organized than I. Love your joyful heart!)

  4. Ah, I totally agree…..A Flunky would be nice!
    I actually have a pair of nice capris still hanging in my closet with that security thing attached. (Been Too lazy to go back to the store plus I would die of embarrassment when the alarm sounded just bringing it back in.) Ask me how long I have had them?? Go ahead!

    Nearly 2 years……

  5. I say the same thing all the time, although say I need a “wife” or an “E.A.” (Executive Assistant). Yep. I’m a part-time-working-out-of-the-house-stay-at-home-mom, but I’d love an assistant. Just someone to catch up on all those lists of things that never quite get accomplished: trimming the dogs’ nails, sorting through coupons to find the expired ones and recycling them, taking glass items to the recycling center since we can’t put it with our curbside recycling, and on and on.

  6. If I had a Flunky, I might be able to clean my house! Great idea! I don’t mind cleaning, just all of the other little crap that gets in the way!

    Here is Flunky’s first to do list!
    1. File all of my mail
    2. Put new batteries in all toys
    3. Change my name and address at the bank, dmv, insurance company etc.
    4. Write Thank You cards for wedding gifts
    5. Organize and run my garage sale
    6. Pack up Mo’s cloths that are too little for her
    7. Remind to brush my teeth every morning

  7. Wow, I think I have the same dining room set except mine is darker! Can you tell me what brand that is or send me pictures. Mine was passed down from my mothers mother.

  8. Dear Flunky,
    Please just do my laundry. I hate laundry. Hate to sort it. Hate to put it in the washer, then the dryer with those fragrant sheet thingies. Hate to fold. Hate to sort. Especially hate to put it all away. Oh, please, dear flunky. Just. Do. It.

  9. Flunky, please take care of the following:

    1) frame these gorgeous etsy giclees. Frames here, just need glass and backings and hooks on the wall.
    2) shred old paystubs taking up a huge chunk of my filing system
    3) scrub the silly string off the ceiling. I’ve never even used silly string in this house. I swear the previous tenants were old and kinky.
    4) tack the second dresser drawer back together. I forget it’s busted every morning and drop all my shirts on the floor.
    5) trim the dog’s nails. Poor thing’s gonna bust a hole in the upholstery one of these days.

    While you care for these things, I’ll make us cupcakes. But you can wash the dishes.

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