Missing Stuff From My Move

Here is another job for my fantasy flunky: find my lost stuff. Like right now I cannot find the padding to the high chair. Been saving the darn thing since Vivien was a wee one. Every move I throw stuff out, and I think the goblins have thrown out stuff that I really would like.

A tracking device for wanted goods… another good business idea! (Along with the coffee carts in the park)

7 thoughts on “Missing Stuff From My Move

  1. I have stuff like the juicer that I keep, too.

    Why do we keep that stuff? Is it because we spent so much on it? Because me might need it as soon as we get rid of it? I don’t know.

    Will Rex end up sitting on thick, folded towels in his high chair? Funny, how the stuff that is OK for the ones that come after the first, that we’d never dream of doing with the first. No wonder firstborns act like firstborns.

    Good luck and have fun finding what you need, sounds kinda fun to visit the storage shed and see what’s in there….

  2. Last time I moved, my husband and I somehow lost the floor attachment for our vacuum cleaner. How do you lose something like that?!?


  3. right, we lost the legs that a sink stood on!
    and yes, I was so much more into the perfect little this and that for Viv. Okay, good news. yesterday found the high chair cover. It was in a cupboard in Vivien’s room ( where I thought it was) but, she had put a big pink skirt over it..or someone have. Now if I could just find those sink legs.

    and yes, start juicing.

  4. My husband and I have moved a total of 8 times in the past three years! Each time we move, we loose stuff! It can be heartbreaking. The most devastating loss was the canopy frame to our bed! I have cried more than once – it was my mom’s bed when she was growing up!

  5. We just moved and I can’t find my kitchen curtains for the life of me. This was the first time we had packers and movers so I don’t have a clue where they would be packed.

    Everytime we move my husband ALWAYS loses things…..like the nasty ol’ flannel shirt he wears places, his poop brown pleather chair, tacky 70’s globe light, shirts with holes in them…the list goes on and on. Poor guy! haha!

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