I Saw a Movie!

We went to the premiere of Julie and Julia. I NEVER GO TO THE MOVIES. So I was pretty excited. The last time I was in a movie theater it was to see Paul Blart: Mall cop. I was with my stepson, but honestly I liked more than he did. Which tells you about how giddy I get when I go to a movie.

Now, I already shared the promo Mark did for the film. So, we were treated well. It was the premiere in Westwood (the big, old movie houses). When we picked up the tickets, they asked Mark if he wanted to walk the red carpet.  He said yes. When we got on the red carpet Alice Waters was there. Mark worked for her years ago; she is a very warm person. I steered them both toward a reporter I know at E! channel. My co-host Lawrence Zarian was working for Entertainment Tonight. They weren’t chatting with the chefs. But he was excited he had interviewed Meryl Streep (who didn’t stop to talk to TV Guide). I was suppose to take the mic from the TV Guide reporter to do a line that we would use on “The Fashion Team,” but when I approached her she said they were waiting to get Amy Adams, who was about 4 tv outlets away from them. I know how tense it is to be waiting to get the big ones to stop and talk to you, so I hung back till she had chatted with them. onestly, i don’t think I loved what she was wearing. Thick material, off white… she should wear color.

Which is what Vivien has been telling me lately. She crosses her arms and says “Mommy, you aren’t pretty enough.  You need color.” So Mark helped find a red dress to wear to the party (sidebar: we went to a store that had a sale, and in my new mode I’m not bashful about looking for a deal.). The gal was bringing $300 dollar dresses over to me and I would say, “Is this on sale?” No.

“Well, I’ve never heard of this designer; it’s not well made, and it’s $300. I need something from the 75% off rack.” Which we found.

I forgot to take a picture!  But here is the dress. Vivien had me wear a double strand of black beads my mother-in-law gifted me and gold shoes. She is probably going to replace me on my show.

But how was the movie? It was GREAT. There was free water and popcorn, which would normally cost about $14. Ha, I make myself laugh… no it was a good movie. Funny and charming and well written. It was a perfect film for us. eCombining blogging and food. Highly recommended. But be forewarned, before you go, make a roast chicken that you can eat after, or go to the nearest French bistro you can find ASAP. I was ready to rub garlic on my shoe and dig in. We ate afterward, and it was a great night out… of course my breasts were going to explode by the time I came home.

And not that it goes with the story, but I love this picture of my kids.  Sigh.

8 thoughts on “I Saw a Movie!

  1. Oh, what a great picture. Rex is so grown up already. Viv is going to be your BFF, I see it already.
    Great kids!!!

    Our catering group is going to see the movie altogether, I know we’ll love it.

  2. thanks!
    yes, Molly, on my TV show The Fashion Team on tv guide we did get into her clothes choice. Especially with her pretty red hair and pale skin, a color would have been better. Perhaps Vivien can dress her?
    if you never catch the FT on tv ( it airs sunday and repeats, but not sure when) it can also be found on Hulu.com

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