Why We Don’t Have Pets

Okay, when you watch this vid imagine the last words I spoke were:

“Like me.”

I realized that should have been my tag… harder to “rewrite” a video.

I marvel at people who have babies and then not only have several pets, but puppies and kitties. That is so much NEED to deal with. Not sure how that all works and how the couch can withstand it. I’ve only had the kind of pets that can be contained in glass (rodents, reptiles). They are so lousy at playing catch.

You know how the name of your first pet is the first name of your porn moniker? Well, my first pet was a fish. Which I brilliantly named “Fishy.” Could you think of a worse porn name for a woman?

14 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Have Pets

  1. I have a son and a husband. That is enough pee and poop stains for me to clean off the toilets when I clean up the bathrooms.

  2. Oh, we’ve tried the pets. Although I don’t know why my family says “we” b/c they turned out to be “mine.” I cleaned cages, filled water bottles, picked up poop, all of it. When “I” became tired of caring for “My” pets, and had to get rid of them, then they suddenly became “Our pets.” Didn’t see them around when it was time for cleaning up, feeding, walking, giving baths…they got the message.

    If you want to keep them, then you have to care for them. They decided they didn’t want them that badly.

  3. Love it that you know yourself well enough to know that it is not the right time for a pet for you! Too many people jump into that decision without really thinking about the day to day responsibilities of being a pet owner, in addition to the bigger responsibilities when a pet gets sick, etc.

    Also, I think that it’s great that you want to get a more mature dog when you get one. I think that is totally the way to go. There is no way to tell with a puppy or kitten what their true personality will be. With an older animal (even 2 or 3 years old), what you see if what you get.

    If you can’t tell, I am a huge animal lover! I have three cats and a baby on the way. The poo in this house is going to be epic!

  4. Lady Friend! My husband and I full-time-it outside of the home and have a two-year-old. I can barely keep our child alive, much less an animal. Moanna may play in her poop when she wakes up for her nap, but at least I don’t have to take her outside at 4:00AM when it’s twenty below because she has to pee.

    Right now, I am just thankful that she isn’t old enough to want a pet. I dread the day she asks for a pet more than I dread, “Mommy, where to babies come from?’

  5. I’m with you, sister! Turns out kiddo is allergic to both dogs (asthma attacks) and cats (apparently, from the allergy tests) so we settled on a bird. We got a male budgie, his name is Fancy Pants, and he’s perfect. He poops on a piece of paper that can be rolled up and burned in the woodburning stove… You change his water and food every day (total care: 5 minutes). He chirps sweetly and is learning to talk. Totally affectionate and loving… Perfect pet for the pet-phobic family.

    Maybe after ds grows up and moves away I”ll adopt an older laid back dog for the company… or not… I don’t like scooping poop.

  6. we have a pen he is a tortoise. he lives in a terrarium and my daughter and I clean up after him together. we didnt get the pet till our daughter was not only potty trained but could wipe her own butt! Franklin is a happy low maintenance family member.

  7. i love turtles, had one at my nursery school.
    love the honesty from all. renee’s “barely keep our child alive” cracked me up.
    I totally understand why people like or love the companionship of an animal, but it’s amazing to me that everyone is so plucky about all the poop.

  8. I have to agree. We moved across country and had our cats with a sitter for a year. After getting the cats back I realize now that I do not want anymore animals. Life was so clean and hair free. I am up to my ears in diapers and potty training. Im sick of picking up poo too:) No more pets for this family.


  9. My first pet? Sassy. First street? Stanwood.
    If only I wanted to turn pro on the porn circuit. 🙂

    Sassy Stanwood! I would ROCK. Just like Cool Mom…
    Rex is so cute, btw.

  10. We had three “pet babies” before we had our son. I know it’s probably crazy to get a pet after a baby, but I do think having kids interact with animals is great. It teaches them to respect all living things, and even if you’re the one feeding and scooping poo while they are young, at least they are seeing that animals are a big responsibility.

  11. Three words: “Retired Racing Greyhound”
    Mellow (seriously!), broken-in, hypo-allergenic. Wonderful dogs to have! If you find the right one, they can be great with kids.
    Feels good to rescue an animal that would otherwise be, erm, well, otherwise *not* be.
    Mind you, they still poop…

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