Corrective Emotional Experience

Remember when before you were a parent, you would see a kid spazz out and think, “Well, those parents should give that kid the what for!” And then you became a parent, and you end up acting like Billy Mummy’s parents in that classic Twilight Zone, “The Good Life,” “Please don’t send us to the cornfield!” Sometimes it’s easier to pretend you are a special ed teacher (not that I have any idea what that is really like), or dealing with sensitive people with traumas. This is one of those times.

17 thoughts on “Corrective Emotional Experience

  1. That seriously cracked me up. I’ve got a 3-year old and her OCD centers on clothing. The same 2 outfits every day and her socks must NEVER, EVER match.

  2. Hilarious!! I had to watch it twice. Oh, you are so very right. I see parents go head to head with their 3 yr old at the grocery store over who puts the Cap’n Crunch in the cart. The parent obviously feels it is so very important that they maintain parental authority and control and the last word, meanwhile the whole store hears the kid flip out.

    Just put the cereal back on the shelf, Mom, and step away. Seriously, you need to step away.

  3. Loved it. Gave me comfort that other kids do the same thing as mine. Whispering “psycho” under my breath will bring me great peace. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks again.

  4. You are SO right!! I always find myself in a power struggle over the stupidest things. I am totally going to take your advice and I think I will have a much more relaxing summer!

  5. Daphne – I’m not even a parent, yet your blog entertains me. Maybe it is because I have nieces & nephews that give me some (but certainly not complete perspective). Anyway, the under-the-breath comment at the end cracks me up.

  6. I have just loved watching the youtube Its A Good Life. Makes me feel so much better. I just need to be a good Mommy so my girl does not wish me away too! 😉

  7. your timing is flawless!! our dinner & bedtime last night were ALL ABOUT that stuff. my toddler was one part nutty emotional tornado, and another part slap-happy giggle girl, smearing milk on her face. i was like, confused – she was all over the place. thankfully, she woke-up in a much more consistent mood!!! 😉

  8. You are so funny and so right. I have a 4 yr. old and 2 yr. old, I have to say things like that under my breath all the time just to keep myself entertained. Some days its like living with a couple of mental patients. And I just know my 5 mo. old daughter is sitting in her bouncy, watching it all. Taking notes for “psycho” in training;)

  9. I never would have lasted in that town because I always have that split second thought of, “Christ, you’re INSANE!” before I steel up every ounce of my tolerance and say soothingly to the child in question, “That’s fine, FIIIIIIIIIINE.” *insincere, vacant smile*

    My kid isn’t anywhere near 3 yet, but is one of those intensely determined and independent types, so we’ve already begun to relinquish control and speak valium-like soothing tones. Thank god I *was* a special ed teacher many years ago. We spoke to James, the 3rd grader who brought the knife to school to kill the lunch lady in much the same manner.
    (from Daphne, bad food will do that to you..)

    Thanks for being inside my head!
    (from Daphne I should use that as the site’s blurb!)

    P.S. I thought Erika was so cute when she said she couldn’t wait to try whispering “psycho” under her breath. Every mom doesn’t already do that?

    P.P.S. I really am a bad person, methinks…. 🙂

  10. When my son was 3 (he’s almost 5 now), in a moment of desperation, I Googled, “Boarding Schools for Preschoolers”. Yeah. There aren’t any. And, who in their right mind would start one or work in a boarding school of psycho 3 year olds. Sheesh.

    Hang in there, Moms of 3-year-olds, 4 is better. You’ll go from mumbling “psycho” to “freak show.” 🙂

    BTW: Julie, if you’re bad, I’m right there with ya.

  11. thanks for making me laugh out loud! I thought I was the one losing it! My three year old is emabarking early on her career as a lawyer! I run into the bathroom with her at 6am and she insists that I hold her hands and wipe her and then proudly anounces that she doesn’t have to wash her hands because she didn’t touch the toilet or wipe herself!! My husband calls from the bedroom(I love that!) “make sure she washes her hands!” And she throws herself on the floor in a fit of “I woke up to early” tears saying I hate washing my hands!! So again thanks for the making me smile!!

  12. Daphne, thanks for the OCD reminder and laugh (spot on!). Now if I’m not reminding myself that my 3 year old son has dymentia, I can now add OCD to the list. 🙂

    kathy C – my son uses that exact same excuse and I thought it was a boy thing. In fact he’ll walk out of the bathroom and declare “I didn’t touch the potty or myself so I DON”T HAVE to wash my hands”. Au contraire, mon frere!

  13. OH!!! I am so glad I saw this. I thought it was only my child! thx, the mumbling will sooo help me keep my cool b/c in these little power struggles no one wins.
    Now I can’t wait to practice. 🙂

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