Momversation: How Did You Choose Your Baby’s Name?

When I was a kid, I read my baby book that my mother had written in for me. And since I was the third, kudos to her for scrawling anything down. Next to my name, the book asked, “Who is the baby named for?” My mother wrote: “herself.” I always liked that. Now, maybe if I had had a loveable Aunt Daphne I might have liked that connection… but there wasn’t anyone in my family I wanted to be named after.

10 thoughts on “Momversation: How Did You Choose Your Baby’s Name?

  1. I was listening to NPR in my car while I was 6 months pregnant when they had a story about how choir and chorus people are genetically predisposed to be happy people. In the middle of the story, a huge choir started singing “Happy Birthday” to someone named Julia. I had to pull over because Julia Rene started flipping and flopping inside my belly! I came home in tears. It was a religious moment!
    I found the story and have it bookmarked and we play it every once in a while:

  2. did you forget that rex is a top dog’s name in the U.S.? I think you should be less worried about who is going to ask him to join in a game of basketball in high school and more worried about who is going to invite him to pee on a hydrant or eat feces.

  3. Totally mean and unneeded comment. Judging and rude comments really add nothing to the conversation.

    Once I had kids and had to pick names I decided, everyone’s choice is their own. My son’s is a family name that became suddenly popular when he was about 2. My daughter’s is still pretty obscure but it fits her personality to a T. I hope they like them as adults.

  4. i jest, “stanz”! my own daughter’s name is sadie. and believe me, that is higher on the list of popular canine monikers than is the name rex. and yes, she does get taunted from time to time about the stereotypical bow-wow predilection for excrement. which has become increasingly unsettling as she nears adolescence, and the teasing comes at times from adolescent boys, whom i worry are envisioning their own arousal-moistened poo-holes.
    ah, hindsight. shoulda called her jessica.

  5. oops, didn’t know you were joking. Yes in hindsight we all need to run all names by teenage boys to see what is the worst taunt possible.

  6. I just watched this one, and my Spencer could totally kick Rex’s ass, and not just because he’s twice his age…KIDDING. I jest.

    The other family name we vaguely considered was Augustus–I wanted to then call him Gus. Sensible, right? My husband wanted to call him Augie. I told him we might as well just beat him up every day before school to save time. Spencer was comparatively much less beat-up-able.

  7. I like the Gus idea, although your husband is pretty funny.
    the good thing is that that realty “hills” loser who has temporarily defiled the good name of Spencer should be done with his 15 minutes soon!

  8. Stanz, thanks for the defense! I was scratching my self behind the ear about that comment as well. problem when you can’t get intonation.
    we heard a joke on one site when we were leaning toward Rex “it’s okay to name your child Rex because enough people now have named there dogs “max”. Ironically, Maxwell is his middle name.
    I like the name Sadie, I don’t think dog I think “sadie, sadie married lady!” cute, old fashion.

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