Fake Tans

Sometimes it’s good to be a phony. I have long been a fan of the fake tan and never more than since this report came out. Everybody out of the pool! Or rather, in the pool and out of the tanning bed. Sorry George Hamilton, but we can’t follow suit. As a real pale face who spent her teens in the ’80’s, I well remember going to Santa Monica beach with my girlfriends and lathering ourselves with baby oil. My friend Jennifer (there were several of those) said, “Get your tummy ta,n and it makes it look flat.”

It’s good for moms that the over-tan look is frowned upon now, since I don’t know about you, but I am a borderline shut-in.

11 thoughts on “Fake Tans

  1. I’m not caucasian but I am a lighter skinned person. I don’t understand why people want fake tans. If it happens naturally by the sun without too much effort than I think that is fine. You don’t see darker skinned people trying to get lighter. I think people need to accept the color of their skin. It is what it is. Besides most people with fake tans look like a weird baked orange color. Natural in my opinion looks better.

  2. I know no one wants to hear this, but my first job out of college was working for a dermatologist. I saw such horrors, and I remember the Dr’s. words, “…the skin cancer you’re seeing in these patients are the result of sun exposure before the age of 18…” Thanks, Doc, up UNTIL that point, I had been a sun baker. I resolved that day and quit. But, still, all the damage caused before age 18???????????? I promised then, at age 21, that if I had children, we’d be all sunscreeners. And we are: we have 3 boys, 14, 12, and 7, and none have ever had a touch of pink.

    SPF 30, all the way. Wait 4 hours, reapply.

  3. Haha – as a “Jennifer” you’re line about friends named Jennfier cracked me up. Tanning takes weight off? I’m jumping into a booth as quick as I can!

  4. glad you liked it Jennifer.
    yes, Alexandra I worked on a medical show and the doc on that said what happens before 25 is the problem. after 25 it doesn’t matter so much. that’s why viv has the kind of swimsuit with sleeves, no bikini for her.
    Rea, there was Michael Jackson…

  5. I am seriously friends with EIGHT different jennifers. haha!

    Used to go and lay on the beach ALL day with baby oil on. Oh…those were the days. Now I’m lucky if I get time to put on the tanning lotion. haha! I like the Jergens mosturinzing lotion. It seems to work for me with little effort.

  6. My mother-in-law tans in a salon. She decided to get a “base tan” before we left for a family vacation. I am Spanish, African American, and Samoan (amongst other things)… I almost peed my pants when she showed up, and standing next me- she put my brown skin to shame.

    Fake tans amaze and make me laugh all at the same time!

  7. Tara, great blog post. thanks for linking to it. You are too pretty to muck up your skin ( like if you were ugly, let er rip? oh, daph.)
    Jasmine, you have a rocking mother in law.

  8. I have very fair skin. I have tried so many sunless tanners and they all look funny on me! I’m 26 and just coming to terms with the fact that I need to just accept my pale skin! It’s even harder to get others to accept it though! Everyone in highschool tried to tell me that if I went to a tanning salon, I would tan. They were wrong. I have always just gotten pink and then gone right back to white!

    I think maybe I was just born in the wrong century?!

  9. I live in Queensland, Australia, directly under the lack of Ozone, and my Dad’s twin brother died of melanoma when he was about 30, before I was born. Oh my, I have heard about that MY WHOLE LIFE. I was not allowed to tan, and quite frankly, found it bloody boring anyway! My mum first bought me a bottle of fake tan when I was thirteen – just for my legs when I was dancing on stage. I have not looked back. I am a person who does tan, but I wear sunscreen on my face and hands every day and as a result, (and I don’t mind saying so), I don’t look a day over 22! Oh, by the way, I’m 26… Seriously, it’s worth the four years I have stolen back from UV – HAR HAR HA-HA! Sally: one, UV: zero. Mind you, I get the old, “You look two young to have a CHILD!” super insensitive comment quite frequently… Still, I’m sticking to my guns on the St Tropez (now my fakie of choice).
    Thanks Daphne, great vid!

  10. Ooh – and you can get this great product over here (don’t know if you have it there), called Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen, and St Tropez have a similar product, too. It is literally makeup for your legs! I prob wouldn’t use on your arms (unless you wax your arms), but I also use is on my decolletage when I go out. It hides everything else tan doesn’t. Look, if any of you need any advice what-so-ever on fake tanning, please feel free to contact me. I really am a bit of an expert after 13 years of it – I’ve tried and tested every product and every method!

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