Momversation: What Does a Mom Look Like?

I think this subject could be its own site. Post a picture and ask on a scale of 1 to 10 “do I look like a mom?”

I think most days I’d be an 8 or 9. But that rare moment when I get dolled up my number would go down… which is what I want. I would rather be a MILF. I feel very un-MILF like (well, except I know most guys don’t care if you are super hot, they just want super willing). I am lucky that one of my jobs is having professionals make me look a couple of times a month for “The Fashion Team” on TV guide Channel. That is like therapy. I remember, hey I use to be a frosty piece of…

This episode started out being a question of whether it was appropriate for mothers to have tattoos, and it evolved from there.

So do you look like a mom?  I’m curious since I’ve seen so few of you!

6 thoughts on “Momversation: What Does a Mom Look Like?

  1. I don’t think any of you look like moms! Myself included. When you think back to when we were kids (and Daphne, I am your generation), don’t you think parents looked older? I look at pics of my mom and grandma at my current age and there was no mistaking their mom-ness! These days you just can’t tell.

    Maybe it is because of the pressure these days to look young and hot not matter what age you are. Porn chic? Mommy makeovers and plastic surgery are common. I don’t like the idea of any of that taken to extremes and think it’s sad. I DO like looking good for my age, but I like comfort too man. Just like you Daphne, I don’t care as much anymore about impressing anyone. It’s a pretty freeing thing about getting older!

    I appreciate that there is more acceptance of the way different moms look, young and older. Like Giyen said, be who you are, be comfortable in your own skin. It’s all good. The mom judgment is still there unfortunately, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.

  2. What’ I don’t like about myself and fashion, is that I guiltily decide who I seek out, or speak to, based on what they wear and look like. It’s wrong, I may be missing out on some terrific people: but I go for who I relate to, based on what they have on. It’s awful, I admit it.

    If I see someone who doesn’t get a decent haircut and style, pants pulled up to their armpits, jackolantern ankle socks, and “comfortable” shoes on, oversized eyewear from 1984. and T shirt that reads “#1Mom”, then no, I won’t approach them first.

    Bad, I know…but that’s what MomFashion does to me. Told you it was awful.

  3. I feel like I look exactly like I did before I was a mom (with the addition of a little extra tummy). My hair is still long, and I wear the same clothes. This is helpedby the fact I didn’t really spend time on my apperance before…so not that much has changed. It helps to set that bar low from the begining!

  4. Love this.
    Like Asha, fashion is not really a part of my first thought when dressing the part of “Mom”.
    I’ve found I don’t have an hour to spend on my hair. I don’t do my nails and keep them short. Less maintenance. I don’t highlight my hair anymore. I earned these grays! Plus I don’t have to worry about the whole touch up thing every month.
    I like sexy shoes, but I must have comfort. No use in looking good and dropping the baby in his carseat cause your super high heel broke. I do have a pair of flip flops in the car in case I need to pick up and drop off my boy to daycare just for this reason. Then when I get to work, I slip on my sexy shoes.

  5. I’m also guilty of judging other Moms based on appearence… But this is only because they jugde me much harsher. I look around & see nothing but overweight mothers in stretch pants or mom jeans, perms, t-shirts w/ animals & cute little sayings on them, & these are moms my age! At 29 they look like badly dressed 80s moms! If I look to the other side I see what I call the ‘Coach Bag Ladies’! Younger women fron 23 to 35, all with blonde hair, french tipped nails , Coach bags & Ugg boots! Keeping the convo heavy on buying their second-rate ‘designer clothing’. & lastly, I stand alone! Looking as I always have since jr. high! Still a few piercings & more tattoos, my naturally black hair, (which is constantly being questioned!) is streaked with pink or red. I wear everything from boho chic to gothic lolita and don’t discriminate in style, only on the authenticity of your personal style. It seems to be as if high school has never stopped in my community; we’re more cliqued up than our kids!

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