Please Take a Nap

There was a time when I handed someone something and I said, “Here is your camera.” It really was one.

Now it’s a phone.

There was a time when I said, “I’m in the mood for a kabob!”  I meant it.  But actually I mean a turkey wrap.

I use to say, “Sure, a jog sounds great.”  But I mean lying on my back on the couch.

My brain is not working that well. I know it’s cause I’m just so tired.

In this article they list the symptoms of sleep deprivation. It says some people need 9 hours of sleep. I haven’t sleep like that in over 5 years.  I’m happy with 6. The problem with this article and others I searched for is there was nothing about how one (a mom, a solider, a shift worker) can ever really function well without sleep… ’cause they can’t.

And if I didn’t fold my socks together when they come out of the dryer I would be dressing like a 3 year old. And not in the cute way.

14 thoughts on “Please Take a Nap

  1. Oh, he is so so SO wonderful!!!!!!!!!

    Please, MORE vlogs with Rex..I cannot get enough of those non blinking wide awake eyes.

    He is precious….

  2. ah, thanks all. and yes, Renee, the coffee didn’t work today. Was frantically looking for copy of Ferber on the eve of husband’s surgery and can’t find it… another moving casuality I guess… or my addled brain!

    Okay, more Rex to come.

  3. ah, that is sweet Carly ( will be looking at it when I’m done writing this).
    We’ll you are all kind of right. Last night was up from about 4 to 5 with him and even though I really like sleeping at that time I so enjoyed cuddeling with him and playing with him. He has a great disposition…even at 4am.

  4. The whole sleep issue fueled my Postpartum Depression…and when I finally did sleep, I told my husband that it was better than an orgasm covered in chocolate. He looked at me strange and told me, “go the hell back to sleep weirdo…”

  5. I love the name Rex….

    Oh Daphne! Say it ain’t so! This pregnancy has been AMAZING. If all pregnancies were like this, it would make sense why Michelle Dugger had 18 of them! My son, Isaiah, was a holy terror…in utero and postpartum! Not only did I have THE depression, but He had colic for 4.5 months. There were moments when I looked out my husband with tears in my eyes and confessed, “I know why women kill their babies….” He would hold my hand and smile, “Jasmine, I am so thankful YOU said that aloud first…”
    I adore Isaiah, now, but it was certainly a learned process. I was confused not to head over hills like other woman profess of their birth experience….
    So with this one being so easy- I hope Isaiah doesn’t feel like the red-headed step-child.

    *No offense to red-headed step-children whom might be reading this comment 😉

  6. oh, that little baby! could he be any cuter?!
    by the way, i really wish you could get a nap. oh, sweet blessed naps!

    (my youngest is 5.5 months)

  7. Sleep is good. The more the better. Hoping you get some soon. Been in the trenches and can sort of remember the agony of sleep deprivation. It gets better, trust me. Kids are now 16 and twins 11. They sleep till 11 on their summer break. Unflipping imaginable in the early years.

    In the meantime call up anyone you can and ask that they take your kids for 24 hours so you can SLEEEP! (Book yourself into whatever accommodations you can and get some zzzz’s woman!)

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