Books That Change Your Life

Wow, did momma need some powder in this one or what? Well, apart from my shine, I’m trying to go the extra mile in this vid. Getting real fancy with editing.

The concept for this one came from a recent that I took part in. Maggie wanted to talk about books that changed our lives. We all spoke about our favorite books and how great they were. But my question is, were they?

9 thoughts on “Books That Change Your Life

  1. no! you don’t need powder! you are glowing and look great

    the books and energy you spent on the after effects went into building your interesting personality at the very least! it broadened your horizons . . . look at all the kids these days that have no idea of old movies and what has come before them!

    I think books have effects on people that are immeasurable and far reaching

    thanks for sharing and getting me to think about them too

  2. lil sis, my husband is working on opening up a great cocktail bar in the fall. If you are in LA come on by. It’s R and D for us.

    ANd yes, hate when people don’t get old pop culture references. I was telling a young person entering the marketplace recently.. want to impress people? know pop culture from 20 years before your time. They will like you more and trust you more.

  3. You’re still cute as a button, even if a shiny button.

    You look adorable, no worries there.

    I think knowing about the past makes anyone a more interesting, faceted person. I love film noir…all those sad, sad, edgy movies from the 50’s and 60’s. all in black and white…just love them. My guilty pleasure. I rent a stack from the library, and just have at it with a big bowl of popcorn.

  4. holy hell, i read the s*&t out of the little house cookbook.

    i, too, rocked a sun bonnet – but i’m super impressed by your extra mile milk-in-a-tin-cup action!

    i think about this a lot. the black hole obsessions i’ve developed – liiiike say learning the words to all irving berlin musicals – but the fact i still can’t play chess. or poach an egg. or blow dry my hair.

  5. I’m going to try to remember all of the black hole void of trivial things my mind tried to make important.
    <–Knows all the words to Monty Python. Not just the movies, all of the words to the series. I couldn’t even pick up nerds when I out-shone their Monty Python knowledge!
    <–Tried to become a jedi knight for about a year. Didn’t work out.
    <–Tried to become Indiana Jones…didn’t work out.
    <–After reading Dune, tried to become a Bene Gesserit…sigh…

    It turns out real life is way more exciting (not always a good thing) and you just kind of grow out of it. But this kernel of knowledge is so obscure to the young mind, they have some sort of forcefield. So I’m going to try to remember to be patient with my daughter when she comes to me with her kooky stuff. Can’t wait!

  6. Monique, think you would be a hit at Comic con. It is funny.. I get it for little kids, because the repetition of anything ( same book,e tc) helps them learn. Maybe it’s a need for order.

    Didn’t even get into my geek British phase. Where I would make a high tea and watch Masterpiece theater. That was about 12 and 13. But, do I know the lines of succession of the British crown? Oh, yes, yes I do.

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