Our Upside Down World

Imagine saying this… “Please don’t load the dishwasher; I’ll do it.”

At 5 a.m.: “No, don’t get up; I’ve got the baby, you sleep.”

These are the kind of things coming through my abnormally kind mouth the last 24 hours as Mark recuperates from his eye surgery. We went back to UCLA this morning at the doctor told him had he not had the surgery it would have been “catastrophic.” Yikes.

Happily Mark is not in any pain. It itches but not super bad. When the nurse took off the patch at the examination he said, “How does it look, honey?”

“You know that last scene in the original Rocky where he is screaming for Adrian? Like that.”

So he can’t leave the house for a week. He can move around, but no lifting, straining, bending over, gardening (there goes that herb garden I was looking forward to).

I was pretty freaked looking at his eye. Our vulnerability can hit us at times and make me shaky. Then you get over your fear and the other self takes over.

We had some nice, mellow moments at home today. Since he has to slow the pace down I said he better be careful ’cause without activity he could blimp up, and I’m not into being married to a big fattie.

He has been watching a lot of TV, and he did make some applesauce for Rex, which he loved. Ahhh.


Okay, is he better yet?

Yes, he did coach me on how to make a sauce for the petrale sole I was making, but I am so used to him not being here. We just had a fight about the appropriate way to reprimand Vivien, or not at all… which was my vote. And Nosy Nellie decided to update my software thus causing me to lose things I had open on my computer.

I felt like a teenager in a sense saying, “Leave my stuff alone!!” He thinks if the software update thing is bouncing it means immediate action.

Okay, watching “Top Chef: Masters” finale with him was fun. He was really intense. We were both glad that Rick Bayless won. His food is incredible, and we personally really like him.

“I wish I could email him and congratulate him” Mark said.

“You can.” I said without thinking

“But I can’t read.” Oh, right.

I can do it for you. Group hug.

5 thoughts on “Our Upside Down World

  1. Oh, sister, you feel my pain!! My husband has been home since he was laid off in November…talk about a shcck to our living style. Previously, he was gone during the week, and home weekends. So…it was BAAAAAAAAAAAAD for quite awhile.

    Makes you think of all the marriages that break up b/c people lose sight of the shortsidedness of it all.

    I always go back to my mantra, been saving me since the babies were born and going without sleep, etc., “This, too, shall pass.”

    So, snuggle up and celebrate that you were able to get to the Dr. on time, so many others aren’t that blessed. Oh..and thanks for the sneak peek at Rex: he is delicious!!!!!!!!!!! I could live on just a picture of him a day..

  2. ahhh thanks. yes, I have a friend whose husband has been home for almost 16 months.. yes, not good.

    actually, since I know 1) it’s not for ever and 2) his healing is vital it’s ok.
    but, yes, many times as a mom I think, “not a sprint, a marathon”

  3. I hope Mark has a speedy recovery, for your sake and his! lol

    My SO is in grad school, he goes back Monday. I work from home and he’s been out of school since May 1st. I’m surprised we’re both still alive. I guess the proof will be in the pudding if we survive this final weekend. I think we can, I think we can.

    On a side note, how many times have you looked at him and said “Aaarrrgggg!”? Be honest.

  4. yes, some pirate jokes have fallen from my mouth, but I actually think he looks dashing. Like Trevor Howard in some post WW2 spy movie. Or who was that shirt maker.. the Hathaway man?
    it’s kind of hot. but over dinner he showed me his sore eye ball and I found it hard to eat… for 30 seconds.

  5. Daphne, so glad you and Mark are on the other side of the surgery. I pray Mark gets better with each passing day and that the days just fly by for the both of you!

    Well I can say I lived through it, it wasn’t always pretty and it really threw my groove off for awhile. It was amazing just how many observations he had about everything, who knew he was full of innovative ways to help me improve just about everything I do. (she grins)

    I found it really helped to mumble repeatedly “bless his pointy, little head”!

    Good Vibes coming your way!

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