Motherhood Ages You Like the Presidency

Spent some extra time in the editing room for this one.

Ironic having aging and presidency in the title after the death of the last patriarch of the Kennedys. But am i the only one that has noticed this phenom? Other than smoking and having Irish skin, I don’t know of anything that can age you more quickly than being president or being a mom. Another reason to have a woman president, what if one person were both!

Though I think it’s the early years… and months… that really do it to a gal. And waging wars we should have never entered into, that can really deepen the lines in the crows feet… and the soul.

8 thoughts on “Motherhood Ages You Like the Presidency

  1. No!!! It’s all perspective, what is more beautiful than a woman’s face when she is totally caught up in that moment with her child? I’ve seen that look, and it is so ethereal.

    Go ahead, do the Botox, but you’d be doing it with or without kids: look at Renee Z. and Cameron Diaz, they’re looking tired lately. But Mothers Michelle Pfeiffer, Elle McPherson, and Heidi Klum are still rockin’.

    And you look beautiful, too, Daphne…it’s just the industry you’re in that expects you to look ageless.

    I do agree about the presidency,though, I cannot even imagine the strain. I fret over whether I should’ve sent them to school with that sweatshirt…or not.

  2. right? we do worry about the little things, the big things… every thing!
    Thanks girlfriend! I know when Rex is about 18 months I can start looking more rested ( ie: younger). But last night he was pretty active and I still haven’t showered.

  3. I have always said that children are the most insidious terrorists on the planet. Think of all the torture techniques in the world, they all start with sleep deprivation. But we turn into Patty Hearst and embrace our captors. That is what ages us. The thing that gets me through is the day my lovely son has one of his own.

  4. Hi Daphne

    Love you as ever, you really know how to cheer me up.

    This line of yours: “And waging wars we should have never entered into, that can really deepen the lines in the crows feet… and the soul.”

    I’m not sure what you meant but the way I took it, it really hit home. You’ve really made me re-evaluate my actions today. Thank you.

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