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Tonight’s the night!  Where Rex’s dad is a judge on Top Chef (Wednesday, September 2nd). His appearance on Top Chef (not the Masters, different show) came at a provident time for us. April 30th we were loading out the last our possessions from the dream home where we had to sell. And May 1st we were being flown to Las Vegas so Mark could do the show. We were put up in a suite on the outskirts of town, but it was sweet to be sure. I left the kids for 22 hours and had such a great time. Here is where we stayed. It was actually prettier in person and wasn’t chock a block with white trash in the pool the way Vegas can be. We drank, had naked time, got massages in the beautiful spa, and saw a show. What parents away will do. The next morning MP filmed his first bit with Padma. I was a good wifeager and asked them to promote his book, which they kindly did. Then I had to get home to see my babies.

I honestly think that trip really helped me from getting the blues.

MP shot there a couple more days and had a great time. So, it will be fun to watch it.

Wow, seems like so long ago.

8 thoughts on “Top Chef Judge

  1. Sorry…but when that baby is on the screen, I cannot even register what you’ve posted.

    Is he always that cute? Oh, just let me have that little bundle, just for a few minutes….

    Seriously, congrats to Mark. He’s having a huge year, adn I can’t wait for my pre ordered cookbooks to get here!!!

    What are a few of his favorites from there?

  2. Loved last night’s TC but Daphne, you have GOT to get with Padma and counsel her AWAY from leopard prints and bras-as-tops. What was she thinking???

    Back to Mark: he was so sweet when he empathized with the cheftestants about the time limits — his comments and feedback were so thoughtful.

    May this be just the beginning of many tv appearances for him.

  3. Daphne,

    The picture of Rex and Mark is precious! Rex is what we call in our family a “gerber baby” translates to a-a-a-a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

    Mark’s performance on the show was GREAT! He really has a captivating presence for TV. I’m sure with you as his manager there are big things in his future! I was glad they mentioned his book as I am sure getting that project to print and all the blood, sweat and tears it took to get it there was like “birthing a baby”.

    May the days ahead be filled with all that is good for you, Mark, the kids and your entire clan!


    P.S. Mark made reference to a dish that tasted like his Mom’s, does he come from a long line of chefs and is he the first?

  4. LOVED your hubby on Top Chef last night! He did such a great job and gave such amazing comments to all of the chefs! I am so glad for you that there is so much good in your life right now! You deserve it!

  5. 2 cuties in a kitchen…watch out! LOVED this episode and how exciting for him to be a guest judge. I was giggling when he called out the angry chef at judges table who “looked like he was going to punch something” Total crack up!

  6. ah, thank you all. I am going to show MP all of these.
    And of course I am biased on Rex!

    Ellen, funny enough no. In fact comparing cooking to his mother’s is not a compliment. He did have a grandfather who had a bakery 100 years ago in LA. That’s the only thread.
    Re: Padma’s clothes. When I was there I tried to talking to the wardrobe gal ( thinking, hey I’m in the biz too) and she treated me like the girl who smells like pee.

    Thanks for all the well wishes!!

    And in the cookbook is a recipe for the cake we had in our living room wedding. chocolate cake and white icing. Delish

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