Michelle Duggar’s Vagina Writes Her a Letter

I’m NOT a vagina (just part of me is), but if I were one and I was going ot have to shoot out a 19th child, I might write something like this.
I had a rare mom’s night out last night so I wasn’t able to write my own post, but I thought this was kind of funny.

7 thoughts on “Michelle Duggar’s Vagina Writes Her a Letter

  1. Never mind a letter to her from her vajayjay, how about one to her husband????

    Come on, please, dude, can you just leave Michelle alone?

    I mean, if I were that poor woman, I would just lock myself in the closet.

    What the hell is he surfing that he’s all the time fired up like that??? Seriously, after 18+ kids, she can’t be that fine under that home perm and jean jumper anymore. Maybe once upon a virgin time, but no more…

  2. Ugh, hard one… Since they are supporting ALL of their children just fine and seem like a functional family (whatever that means~!) I say leave them alone.

    On the other hand, being a child in a family with 5 other siblings I never really felt I got enough parental attention so how could 19 kids EVER get enough?

    That said, it seems to work for them and hopefully we will not see this family explode as the Gosselins have.

  3. I didn’t like it. The joke was fine but then it went further, totally disregarding their religion which despite other’s feelings, can really hold a family together. They believe they are doing God’s will and if I believed it was God’s will is to have 40 kids, I’d want to do it the best way I knew how.
    I don’t want to go so far as saying she’s jealous but I think sometimes instead of being happy for folks who seem like super women, their first instinct is to tear them down. Kind of like in high school.

  4. I thought the post was hilarious, but I could care less how many kids the Duggars have… It makes absolutely no difference in my life. If it works for them then great–I will personally keep struggling with my measly two.

  5. Christine,
    I am new here, but signed up since I read your post.
    I’ll say, after reviewing a few of your other posts, I don’t find you very funny. Regarding your vagina letter….Would you post a similar letter about a semi-famous homosexual’s rectum? Anything you’d like to say about “Little People, Big World”? You probably think they shouldn’t have reproduced at all.
    You remind me of a character from “Mean Girls”. -Very immature and catty.
    Unlike Octomom, Mrs. Duggar wasn’t on welfare and choosing to have 8 fatherless children at once. The Duggars were doing fine raising their children before their show aired. They have children that are responsible, not to mention respectful -and I would feel so accomplished if my 4 children were as family-functional as theirs are.
    God’s plan was for “his children” to go forth and multiply, and being a faithful couple, they have done that. I feel you are attacking their commitment and obedience to God, and their faith. (BTW- I am currently a non-church-goer, although I have gone in the past.) What you are doing could be called religious harassment. Poor taste, definately…
    If they were hurting or neglecting anyone, I’m sure they wouldn’t be exposing their lives for all to see. As for the kids having chores and responsibilities,- they are preparing them for the real world, unlike what most parents are doing for their kids today- doing everything for them, giving everything to them, making excuses for them and letting them run wild.
    Are you worried she’s more of a woman than you are for being able to manage a family of that magnitude? You should be. Or maybe you are jealous that her husband still finds her to be so attractive after so many years and just as many children. Does your husband still look at you with that twinkle in his eye or does he eat dinner, “veg” in front of the tube and fall asleep in the recliner? Maybe he stays up late after you’ve gone to bed and “surfs” the net… yeah,…MILF-hunting.
    You should write a blog more about your own life and experiences, maybe then you would find your “big joke” after all.

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