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That was the name of my favorite page in Ms. magazine when I was growing up. I was a good little feminist as a child of the ’70s. Ms. was new, and we had a subscription right away. Most of the magazine was over my little head, but on the back page they had (and think they still do) ads and billboards that were so objectionable toward women they were not worthy of comment.

I have thought of that through the years. About a year ago, there were awful billboards for NIP/TUCK that showed the two male leads surrounded by dismembered parts of a beautiful woman. Presently, I cringe when I see the posters for the new Bruce Willis film SURROGATES. More dismembered woman.  And what of my little almost 4 year old seeing those? What is she to make of how violence toward women is glorified? Or when my son can take it. Will he think less of woman because of junk like this?

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Today though, I must comment on a sports column that was published in the OC County register. This writer uses Jaycee Dugard’s nearly 20 years of being held captive and raped to catch her up on what she missed… wait for it, wait for it… in the world of sports.

Pause. Yes, that’s right.

The value of a child abducted, raped, kept from her family is so little that it’s a column about the last 18 years of sports highlights. Read for yourself if you dare. The man is a dirt bag.

If a US Solider was a prisoner of war for 18 years and he was physically, sexually brutalized would a column be so callous? I would hope not, and I would think not.

The story of her captivity has been haunting me since it broke, as I am sure it has others. It’s rare to find someone who is really this big of a jerk, but the Orange County Register has found him.

Thanks to my wonderful stepdaughter Vanessa for sending me this. There is steam coming out of my ears.

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  1. I couldn’t read the entire article but was glad to at least see that many readers were outraged enough to comment and force an apology from the writter.

    It seems like violence towards women and the sexualization of young girls is such an everyday occurance in the media these days that we hardly notice it anymore. I worry a lot more about these things now that I’m a mother. Pre-motherhood I would’ve been outraged but not enough to do anything about it. Now, I just don’t know how to fix it and the idea of my baby growing up in a society clearly in trouble makes me sad.

  2. I started to read that article and couldn’t believe what I was reading. Made me sick! No matter how much they want us to think times have changed it will always be a “Man’s World”.

  3. Densensitization. You see it and read it over and over so much, that it doesn’t mean a thing anymore.

    I guard our 3 boys, and let them know when something I see hurts me-as a woman-and would hurt their future wives/daughters/friends, also.

    If we don’t plant the seed in their mind that this is unacceptable, they won’t know it is. Why would they when the rest of the world acts like it is all OK.

    It isn’t.

  4. Congratulations Daphne for your restraint and merely referring to Mr. Sensitive as a “dirt bag” – you’re a better woman than I.

    I’m wondering, does Mr. Sensitive have kids? A wife? A friend? A dog? ANY kind of interpersonal experience other than honking a car horn?


  5. This article was appalling to me. I could not believe anyone would allow such garbage to be written. And his last line sent me into a tirade that lasted long enough to write and send a letter and email them. How dare he welcome her from the backyard!! Really, how dare he?

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention. This kind of trash “journalism” needs to be addressed and addressed harshly. I pray that, the poor Dugard family was spared the sports “lesson”. And how contrived was his apology? Disgusting!

    I hope to instill a more human spirit in my children. One that sympathizes with people instead of looking for a way to gain. Here’s hoping!

  6. Leah, that was what I was wondering, where were the editors? Are there no gatekeepers there?

    And that’s great that some of you, like Alexandra said, think of how to raise men right in this coarse world.( I tell my stepsons,
    as you grow up it doesn’t matter if you don’t love the girl, CALL her the next day!)

    I think everyone was thinking of all the things that Jaycee has missed over the last 18 years. Great sports moments in California wasn’t even in my top 100. Don’t know how the writer could have gotten it so wrong.
    And yes, regarding his own personal life I did think, “whose the lucky girl married to that guy?”

  7. i feel so effing angry about this i can hardly write.

    i just want to wrap that young woman in my arms and melt the nightmare from her memory.

    that schmuck of a “journalist” should be ashamed of himself. simply put: i’m horrified.

    but even worse are the man & woman who did this terrible crime. this was their lifestyle. what they thought about each night before they went to sleep. they had friends. neighbors. co-workers. ran errands. had a day-to-day life while this young girl waited for her next dose of evil. how she survived is beyond me.

    this man was a sex offender and allowed back into society. i am sickened over this story and the COUNTLESS others who HAVE and ARE doing MORE harm to innocent children and people right now.

    why????? how can we let these sex offenders back into society?

    it just pains me.

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